Support Boris Day is everyday in my house.

He has delivered us what he promised.

He promised us change. Strong leadership. A future. A better Britain.

He promised us we’d leave the EU. He did it. We unshackle ourselves in just over 4 months time. Years and years of hard work, frustration and anger have allowed us to get to this point. We are so close.

The MSM are desperate to derail us. The Labour Party trying to critic us. The left using what ever scrape they can to drag us down. It’s won’t work. We are the majority. We are the voice.

We are Tory’s. Boris needs us to continue to back him. If we do he can keep on delivering his promises to us. Back Boris 🇬🇧💙🇬🇧💙🇬🇧💙🇬🇧💙

2 thoughts on “Support Boris Day is everyday in my house.

  1. So why has this government been plagued by U turns and bad policy.
    Th UK has the most excess deaths and worst impacted economy. How can you objectively say that this is good leadership. This has been a terrible year characterised by poor leadership and poor communication. And im a tory voter!!


    1. The pandemic could not have been foreseen and every country is struggling, and these are extraordinary times but I am glad that it is Boris in charge rather Corbyn or Starmer…..can you imagine the total mess we would be in.

      We are not the worst impacted economy, and we are bouncing back. France can’t even work out a bail out….something we do not need. Everyday is getting better under Boris.


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