Someone spit out his dummy …

Seems Mr Barnier is tantrum throwing because we won’t give into his outrageous demands.

We are a sovereign nation and do not take laws from any foreign country, and the Frenchman cannot get it into his head that the more he pushes …the larger the push back.

He should play nice and be prepared to work with us and get a trade deal or we walk, and he will be the fall guy for the EU…..and we will be on WTO terms.

After all it’s a big wide world out there and hellooooooo world, goodbye EU. .

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2 thoughts on “Someone spit out his dummy …

  1. I stopped paying attention to Brexit some time ago, to ge honest. So I may have missed a lot of developments. But are there dozens of countries queuing up to nehotiate trade deals with us.


    1. Yep…we have Australia, New Zealand, India and the others of the commonwealth, plus Japan for a start….that is twice as many countries as the EU….

      By the way do you really think those EU countries who export here will go “No for the principles of the EU, I will not export to the UK and would rather go bankrupt”…. I think not.

      The EU is not the people and the people of Europe want to deal with us.


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