Started watching this and I know it isn’t factual but the idea doesn’t sit well with me.

To drop a drone on someone at a wedding or in a crowded town really shouldn’t be done, and thankfully the British will abort rather than kill the innocent.

I know Mr Trump took out a bad guy on a road where Mr Bad Guy and his Associates were….goodbye and good riddance but how refreshing to know that unlike his predecessor he has not dropped bombs willy nilly in Pakistan or any other Islamic country for the hell of it.

Modern warfare is now becoming such a detached way of killing that to have someone more or less playing a game with real consequences seems somewhat surreal.

I am glad we have them but happier that neither the British or the USA President has used them to such an extent as Barack Obama, you know that guy who got the Nobel Peace Prize….add up his take outs and see how ridiculous it was that he even got it.