Czeslawa Kwoka, Poland, Catholic, 14 years old.

Red triangle: political prisoners because she was born in Wólka Zlojecka. Killed in the Auschwitz extermination camp on February 18, 1943 with an injection of Phenol into the heart. Shortly before the execution, she was photographed by the prisoner Whilem Brasse. Brasse later testified that the girl was punched in the face by a supervisor shortly before the shot, where the hematoma on her lip explains itself from.

All you see is the face of a scared little girl who didn’t even speak her language and lost her mother a few days before.

It was one of the 250.000 children and minors deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau.

The photo, originally black and white and could be found in the memorial photo of Oświęcim, was colored by Anna Amaral, a Brazilian professional photographer, who was impressed by the photo of Czeslawa and decided to make it in colour and accessible to all.

We defeated Nazism, Fascism, Racism during WW2, we must learn from our past or we are doomed to repeat history”