Having already hit a spectacular own goal with pursuing the over 75s for licence money, and putting aside £100 million to do so….(way to go BBC….go after those most fragile in life)….the now no longer fit for purpose BBC is going after our tradition in the Proms.

I love the last night of the Proms and have had to sit through some dreary performances just to get to in to hear it and it is awesome. People of all colour and nationalities are there enjoying the pomp and circumstance, but now they are thinking of dropping Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory because it might hurt some permanently offended people…a tiny tiny majority who are already permanently offended.

Well, that’s a sure way to make people like me and trust me millions of others not bothering to tune in, or even go as I will certainly not be buying tickets for 2021 if that is the case and they are not cheap.

Some virtual signalling moron who supports BLM thinks it’s time to change, so despite masses of emails demanding it stays…she decides otherwise. How typical of BLM and its supporters to use a tyrannical approach of its my say and end of argument. They are hell bent on destroying our history….well what they try to bring down others will build up and we will win and reclaim that which we hold so dear.

Music does not have a colour but it does have a country’s pride and it is more than obvious the BBC is working against the people, take away the pride of a nation in its music then the nation will turn on you….

Sadly we will no longer be seeing the Proms in all its glory because if they take away the very thing people love, then the people will no longer go.