My thoughts exactly…

Had one person state that I should vote socialist labour as the benefit system will benefit my grandchildren, of which ONLY 2 have autism.

I thought wow do people really believe that disabled people wait round for benefits all their lives, and are these people offering advice from their own perspective of life on the social probably never having worked a day in their adulthood.

It’s a good job people like me who are disabled work, especially as I see very abled bodied people not working, and sadly not from being made redundant but actually NEVER having worked ..Do they never wonder where the money comes from?

2 thoughts on “My thoughts exactly…

  1. I’ve know many very successful people who are socialist. In fact most of London voted for corbyns Labour and London had by far the most wealth of the country. So that is incorrect.
    Also with the recession that is about to hit due to covid paired with the fallout from your precious brexit means that disabled people won’t be on top of the hire pile in a brutal jobs market


    1. Why is it is people keep bringing up the problems they think disabled people will find? Do they think so little of a disabled persons ability? Wow that’s just NASTY……as for London…we know it is made up of more people born outside of the UK than those who actually were, hence why an awful lot are moving up here and let’s face who wants to live in the murder capital of Europe anyway. Socialism and successful does not go hand in hand….oh I forget a true socialist like Corbyn who is worth £4.1 million pounds likes to keep their money and spend ours. His shopping list of everything free was rejected by the people, as it will not work and you know that….socialism does not work and that’s why the conservatives have been voted in for a 4th term. Your friends are successful because of Tory policies.

      With regards to Covid 19…every other country has had their financial fallout, however our retail levels are hitting back and what is it with you people that you have no faith in this country with BREXIT? Do you honestly believe that being dictated to by foreign unelected councils is true democracy? Not being able to decide who we want to go business with? ….. Britain always bounces back and will do so again….but how sad that people like you have no faith in this country and its ability. Exactly what the socialists want….more Government control not less…. Well hang on for the ride of success as you might not have faith and shame on you….but many more do have faith in this Island.


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