I despair I really do. Why did we older people not realise that we would end up with a bunch of flakes that is so sadly seen in some of the younger generation, and snap them out of it.

Some English literature students are demanding trigger points on Shakespeare. It’s Shakespeare for god sake….why do you need trigger points on Shakespeare? It took me all my time not to fall asleep reading it…..to say they need warnings ahead of its contents, says to me that the Government needs to invest in more mental health programmes because when this bunch hit the real world they will have a melt down.

I can see it now….. shivering in the corner of a hospital room with the constant wailing of “they didn’t say there would be profanities out here”….and all needing their blankie and copious amounts of thumb sucking to calm down.

Thank god my kids grew up in a world where everything is real and normal. I feel for those who didn’t have a balanced upbringing as it’s a big world out there….and if you have such a delicate view it will eat you whole.