What is it that Barnier doesn’t get??

We are a sovereign nation and will control our own destiny. That means taking no more crap from the EU, it means not having to listen nor follow any EU laws.

Which bit of NO you are not having control of anything does Barnier have trouble with??

Snowflakes demanding trigger points on Shakespeare

I despair I really do. Why did we older people not realise that we would end up with a bunch of flakes that is so sadly seen in some of the younger generation, and snap them out of it.

Some English literature students are demanding trigger points on Shakespeare. It’s Shakespeare for god sake….why do you need trigger points on Shakespeare? It took me all my time not to fall asleep reading it…..to say they need warnings ahead of its contents, says to me that the Government needs to invest in more mental health programmes because when this bunch hit the real world they will have a melt down.

I can see it now….. shivering in the corner of a hospital room with the constant wailing of “they didn’t say there would be profanities out here”….and all needing their blankie and copious amounts of thumb sucking to calm down.

Thank god my kids grew up in a world where everything is real and normal. I feel for those who didn’t have a balanced upbringing as it’s a big world out there….and if you have such a delicate view it will eat you whole.

More of the same in wanting something for nothing……

Yep they are still disturbing decent people in decent neighbourhoods by shouting their fascists mantra through a speaker phone.

Apparently demanding a white persons home is the way young people who are faux offended by something or other today expect to get on the property ladder in the USA.

Shame on their parents for not teaching them that hard work, honesty, obeying the law and being respectful of your fellow human beings normally brings that what you must want. It’s not easy….hard work and getting an education though is the key…..but it is achievable instead of whinging…..

Seems the norm now to demand everything like spoilt brats. May I suggest you stop spitting out your dummies, and take up the causes of those who are real slaves today. Not historic ones some 6th or 7th generation back…..That’s history and we can highlight it by teaching history, but hey do something really radical and actually take up a real cause of people today who are suffering, instead of demanding everything for free, or in most cases trashing and stealing…..after all if you gain from it and are financially better off thats capitalism. How very double standard .

Shame on them….as I am sure they could have highlighted the slavery in China, and gained a lot of support….