This cheered me up no end. Virtual signalling tax Dodgers Ben and Jerry’s junk food is not selling, and it is being reduced in price, and still no one wants it…….

I wonder if it is anything to do with them backing BLM, and then picking a fight with our Home Secretary which they lost spectacularly.

Their virtual signalling annoyed the very people they rely on to buy their goods, and to call us out as racists if we don’t agree has back fired. After all in a free economy I have the right to ignore their products, and so it seems are others.

This is not the first company experiencing trouble and it will only get worse, because if you back an organisation that is based on destroying everything we hold dear, destroying the police and promoting anarchy….then you need to be ready for the down turn in sales.

This is not just one company that is being boycotted, the list grows as companies are moaning that having sent out media messages saying they backed BLM, were then surprised when accounts got cancelled en-mass.

They just don’t get it that customers are there just to buy a product, and they are there to provide a service, not lecture people because if you can’t stay neutral then don’t be surprised when considerable numbers of people cancel.

Your support should be to the Police as they are the ones you expect to protect your business’s, especially when those very same people whose stance you have taken vandalise and steal from you. Take the right road, the lawful one as it would have been more advantageous to say nothing, but now expect the downturn in profits.