Iran has now done what everyone else but stupid governments couldn’t see….violating the 2015 Nuclear agreement decided by Obama, and where the good boys and girls of all the European nations fell in line like a nodding dog…..because it wanted to please it’s idol.

Did anyone seriously believe that Iran would use the nuclear agreement for just energy and not weapons? Who in their right mind would believe a rogue state???? I said at the time that there was not a chance Iran would stand by it’s commitment……for god sake it’s Iran people… know the Terror state.

My god our own Government has told the USA that it can not support any sanctions against Iran …..Has the PM been taken away and Corbyn put in his place? It seems like it ….Never….never….never did I expect our country to stick to a deal with Iran and say no to the USA.

We all know Iran is building nuclear weapons. They want to take out Israel and they have never hid that fact and it’s like letting the madmen run the nut house….but these madmen are building nukes.

Come on Boris back the President as allowing that rogue state who has China and Russia at its back, to continue laughing at us..”oh yeah that’s not a bomb’s a heat source giggle giggle and we plan to give it to Israel”…..We know they lie and it has got to be stopped

As usual we are sleepwalking into letting the nutjobs have weapons of mass destruction, but I guess if Europe and Us close our eyes and count to 10 it’s not there.

Wow Obama has pulled the wool over the eyes of Europe for his chums in Iran.