Yesterday, Mr Points of Sue and I threw caution to the wind and took ourselves off to the garden centre complete with masks.

It was wonderful and all those flowers in bloom made my day as the colours and smells were gorgeous, but I went there looking for fruit trees and bushes. Of course I got carried away in the sheds department and am now looking at not only a bigger shed (which will house a hot tub hopefully…I know pure decadence), but also a potting shed and greenhouse. I am grateful that Mr Points of Sue indulges me. He has his hobbies of some CNC thingymabob and lathe but for me it is the garden.

My son dug out the holes for me and in went blueberry bushes, black-current , strawberry and blackberries and I cannot wait. I got really interested in blackberries as where I take the dog is covered in them and I see so many people picking them and thought why not. So will be attempting jam next year. Having planted them and grateful to my boy for digging I stood back and thought…just think of the yield next year.

I also bought rose bushes in yellow, pink, deep red and white and they have gone in as part of the garden is going to be nothing but roses as they look gorgeous….so my neighbours tell me…as they can see them from their bedroom. Always nice to know that somebody else enjoys the flowers. Although I do buy bedding plants to sacrifice for the slugs and snails as I will not use poisons as I have pets and its cruel, so worth putting them in to save your prized roses and bushes.

Out with the clippers and deadheading the flowers, along with the fuchsias and some plants that I have no idea what they are…will be putting some pictures here in the hope that somebody knows (my grandson had taken out all the sticks with the flower name written on)….bless him he thought he was helping….so now it is pot luck gardening.

Hopefully my eldest grandson will mow the lawn for me today, if not Mr Points of Sue will do it but my daughter actually asked me to help her create her garden….oh the joy, the complete joy of being asked to give advice on flowers when I am in effect just an accidental gardener.

The tranquillity of being in the garden centre was awesome and now I know I am getting old as I felt right at home there. I went as far as to walk round the other shops that make up part of the centre and bought cotton trader walking shoes which if anyone is after a pair of walking shoes…please pick them first as they are so comfortable, and more often than not they have sales all the time, and a couple of war books. Who needs the big supermarkets when I can get to the garden centre. I have turned into my dad now…….

If you are stressed get out to the garden centre and just watch life slow down to the point of stopping. You won’t regret it.