I don’t care which Government I am referring to in the United Kingdom but this abuse of tax payers money on getting jobs for “friends” has to stop. The latest one is promoting Baroness Harding way above her ability level and running the Institute for Health Protection.

I am not knocking the Baroness and have in fact worked with her at Talk Talk, but that was an absolute fiasco and being on the front end of having to deal with customers who were distraught, and quite rightly so for having their accounts hacked was not handled too well by the CEO and the Directors. Infact, despite this going on for some months and actually having a complaints department in the CEO’s office you could not actually get her to talk to the victims and if a call went through to the office at the customer’s request and having staff in there to deal it….a rather nasty snotagram as I called it was delivered to your inbox.

An absolutely appalling way to treat those who pay for your very job.

Anyway, as a person she comes across as ok but she has worked for Tesco, Asda etc and then Talk Talk…in other words in retail and has no idea of how to run such an important department aimed at this horrendous pandemic which is killing thousands.

I don’t blame her as she took a role that makes her lots of money, but I do blame the Government for putting in someone who is not really fit for the job. You would think that having such an important medical run agency that it would go to a senior medical officer. How outrageous would that be. An actually medical person running the new department, instead of jobs for the boys or girls as this has so desperately become.

Harding’s husband, Tory MP John Penrose, is also board member of the think tank ‘1828’ which has published several reports calling for PHE to be abolished, and surprise surprise it is and his wife gets the job.

This is not satisfactory and the offer should be withdrawn immediately. This is not just a reason to get your bestie a role nor is it the time to put someone who is just wrong for the job. Swallow your pride Boris and put someone in who can actually come up with ideas as Harding is not a Doctor, she would not be able to input anything with regards to dealing with this virus and to me this is just a case of re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic as it went down.

Here is another radical idea, why not put a Doctor in charge of the Health Service? Wow I am talking totally out of Government tune here but if there was someone in charge who actually knew the role of the NHS, then this fiasco wouldn’t happen but sadly we have Matt Hancock and he is coming close to looking a fool as much as Gavin Williamson in the Education department.

It is no wonder we seem to waste so much money on projects doomed to fail from the beginning as Governments seems to have the unique fail of filling it with people who are just professional CEOs. Professional means they go from job to job as a CEO and its not just one position they hold but several and how can you offer value for money when you are too busy lining your pocket?

It is time that the Government thought of the actual victims of this pandemic and for the sake of those who are at risk of catching it, and putting in place a robust MEDICALLY run department and one that is fit for purpose.

I would not dream of telling any Doctor their job as I am not a qualified Doctor, and listening to my own Son who is in the last year of his PhD can sometimes give me a headache with the knowledge they have to take on, and because of the years of training it is imperative that the correct people are in the correct role.

Heck, Boris Johnson actually has Doctors in his party….so you would think he would use their skills. I am afraid as always it is no what you know and obviously from the de-barkle of the track and trace joke of an app that costs us millions, this is another non starter.

I am sure the Baroness will just move onto another position if this bombs despite having failure after failure under her belt, because as I said she is a professional CEO and they seem to do the rounds….just like the NHS CEOs who fail and who we find out are not actually medical staff but professional administrators essentially.

I already have no faith in this new department as it has not been thought out correctly, and sadly we shall see more deaths because somebody in Government put their chum before the needs of the people.

I will finish by adding the comments of the professionals who are appalled at this news:

Professor Paul Hunter, Professor in medicine at the University of East Anglia, told the Telegraph, ‘The organisational culture needed for effective science is not the same as that needed for state bureaucracies nor that needed for commercial organisations. ‘In this regard it is notable that the president of the RKI [the German equivalent of the new health protection institute] is a highly rated scientist himself. ‘So if we do have a to have a new health protection organisation, please this be adequately funded, please can this be science-focussed and please can this be science-led.’ 

Dr Michael Head, a senior research fellow in global health at Southampton University said. Her new role ‘makes about as much sense as Chris Whitty being appointed the Vodafone head of branding and corporate image.

If we are to have faith in any Government then for god sake put in the right people at the beginning.