The Department of Education has had a permanent civil servants for the last 4 years and it has now been decided he is the sacrificial lamb in the wake of the u-turning on educational results. There has been the usual oh he is not leaving for now….excuse but he is the fall guy whatever language you want to put it in….

Jonathan Slater (pictured) has been permanent secretary at the Department for Education since 2016, serving under four education secretaries
Mr Jonathan Slater

It is a case I am afraid that he will be the face of the failure instead of the Government Minister (who by the way before he became an MP was selling fireplaces….so yep that really makes for a great Education Secretary).

Don’t get me wrong I don’t often stick up for civil servants as they tend to think that they are the ones running the country and we should do as they say. The Brexit fiasco is a good example but this poor man has had FOUR ministers since 2016. That is one for every year. Surely that means there has been no stability in the Education Department for over 48 months now? If so that is a total failing on the Conservative Government of both Mrs May and Boris Johnson.

Each newly promoted Secretary comes in with plans to “radically overhaul” the system which often ends in failure and the education system was perfectly good enough when I was at school where it was exam based… why fix what wasn’t broken? Although I do know now that it is based on the work, so why not add up all the % figures they have earned and give them the mark that way??

For instance the children themselves couldn’t sit their exams but there was enough information for them to be marked by the teachers, and this being accepted by the educating body. why blow up the whole thing bigger than Ben Hur?? I had to hit a % for this years degree module from all my work submitted and I did and that was enough for me to get a pass. Why it cannot be that simple is beyond me. A percentage of 85+ for A, 70+ for B and so on and so forth….but nope algorithms were used, and no doubt a friend of someone in Cabinet designed it and got the back hander…..and then this…..I feel so sorry for the children of today as they are seeing incompetence from the beginning. What these Ministers are showing is that with mediocre effort you two can achieve the dizzy heights of a Government Minister and then totally cock up the department you run, and get somebody else fired for your mismanagement.

It seems that the culture is to blame somebody else, when in my day the CO was always the one to fall on their sword for mistakes as it was called honour, and accepting that the buck stops with you and that is sadly lacking in so many of those in power these days.

Like my article previously where Governments are putting the wrong people in the wrong place (what on earth could go wrong!!!), they need to look at the people they have and promote them. After all how simple would it be to have an MP whose previous job was a teacher to actually run the Education Department?? A good leader goes with their strengths and not the weaknesses and Gavin Williamson is a weakness of epic proportions.

I never understand why newly elected Prime Ministers keep promoting people who served in previous Governments and were useless then, and are useless now. Again, it is like moving the deckchairs around on the Titanic as its sinking.

I despair I really do as Mr Slater will be yet another person having left in a number of months, and sadly it seems that Mr Slater himself was never a teacher, his father was. Mr father worked at ICI it doesn’t mean I can run a chemical industry……Have we no talent in the United Kingdom that Governments can bring out and nurture??? You know that idea of getting the right person for the job? Or am I thinking outside of the box?

There is a wrong culture where failure is rewarded. How often have we read that an MP gets kicked out of parliament by the electorate and then gets some peerage and up to the Lords. They were kicked out because the public didn’t want them but the brass neck of politicians seems to be endless regardless of the party, and until we have a robust system in place where the right person is selected because of their educational qualifications, their work experience and their ability with the other two to bring something to the party, then we will continually have failure and our children and our children’s children will have to live with the effect of poor leadership in one of the most important Government roles in modern society.

Disappointed really disappointed.