Who in their right minds would get into a car that is hands free? That would a heart attack waiting to happen. You would have to rely on every other road user recognising its hands free and acting accordingly and that is where it fails big time then.

Do you really have such an important text to send or a film to watch whilst you are being ferried on the M25? This is sheer lunacy and it matches the “smart” motorway idea of removing the hard shoulder and is responsible for people who have been killed by other road users not acting in the manner you should. The AA and the Ambulance service called the scrapping of the hard shoulder mad… I wonder what they think of a driverless car on motorways?

Have I woken up in some parallel universe where those in power have gone stark, raving bonkers?

Cars are dangerous and I am of the firm belief that those over 75 should have to have regular testing of their driving ability, the same as those boy races as older drivers can be as dangerous as speeders.

Ministers are examining whether vehicles fitted with an Automated Lane Keeping System (ALKS) should be allowed to use it at speeds of up to 70mph on some of the country’s busiest road. The ALKS system is classified by the UN as Level 3 automation – meaning drivers do not have to be in charge of the vehicle, but must be ready to take charge with warning.

Car manufacturers would potentially have to install shaking seats to alert drivers when they would have to take control of the vehicle.  However, the driver is not required to monitor the driving environment, meaning they could be allowed to undertake tasks such as sending a text message or watching a film – so long as they could easily re-take charge of the vehicle.

In a call for evidence, the government suggest the technology will be available in cars from the spring and asks for views on how it should be legislated. They believe it will make roads safer by cutting accidents caused by people changing lanes.  If they believe it will make it safer then somebody has either had too much to drink, sniff or believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden.

Cars are dangerous because people don’t act in sufficient time, and or speed or go to slow so can you imagine being in the middle of a film and engrossed in that and before you know it…BANG…and you have caused an accident.

Surely this is a recipe for further deaths and how on earth can you be in control of a vehicle that you have not had to drive for say the last 60 minutes? You would have switched off and that is that.

When activated, an Automated Lane Keep System keeps the vehicle within its lane, controlling its movements for extended periods of time without the driver needing to do anything
Car in the tracking system.

We know that computers can and do go wrong. After all how many of you have had to deal with a retailer or the bank only to be told it was a fault of the computer???? Madness absolute madness.

Currently, the highest level of vehicle autonomy being used on UK roads is Tesla's Autopilot, which is classified as Level 2

I understand that some models of cars already have this, and the trials should be interesting especially to see the failure rate as ultimately it will rely on any quick decision making to be in the control of the driver, and if you are not watching the road then you are not in control, and if you have to watch the road all the way…..then why not just drive the car?

I feel as though I have walked into an episode of the twilight zone…..