A season ticket will rise by 1.6% from January adding an average £60 to £80 to the already overly expensive rail ticket.

Under proposals drawn up by the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) industry body, fuel duty would be increased for the first time in a decade and taxes added to the purchase of jet fuel

Examples of potential season ticket prices next year after a 1.6% rise include:

  • Brighton to London: Increase of £80 to £5,060
  • Barrow-in-Furness to Preston: Increase of £69 to £4,353
  • Edinburgh to Glasgow: Increase of £67 to £4,267

I would expect for that cost a gold plated service and literally carried from pillar to post, but then this is the railway of Britain and you will get neither. Infact having your train run on time is a rarity and don’t even mention getting a seat.

Rail commuters face an increase in season ticket prices of 1.6%in blow for commuters

I used to get the 0715 Sardine express Manchester from Warrington and at the height of the train rush-hour, and they would put on only 3 maybe 4 carriages but mostly only 3. This is despite it costing over £2,800 a year for a supposed 25 minute journey in what can only be described as hell on wheels, and often went beyond this…..

You were packed in that tight that unless you got on at Liverpool, you can forget about getting a seat or even getting near one. If you were lucky to get a seat making sure you could get out at stops before Manchester would have been tricky as the people were standing in the aisle area of the train and in the areas where the door is….in otherwise you could not move.

Image result for overcrowded Train

You were frightened to move your arms as you could literally be touching the body part of the person next to you, and using the phone…nope as you could not even lift your hand to your ear so playing statues was the order of the day. When someone wanted to get off then you all get off because of no room and your 25 minute journey turns in to a 45 minute journey…. getting worse by the minute.

That’s even if your train ran on time. The number of times the train was late, or even disappeared off the information sign was not a rarity. infact my favourite was the train running late when the station I was at was the first one…the train had actually come from there. Then at least once a week the train broke down……

The trains smell awful, the bathrooms are disgusting and the whole experience of travelling by train does not put you in the mood for a good day. Especially when the intercity trains have half the carriages first class and empty, and everyone else is crushed in 2nd class. It is almost as if the train companies take great delight in ruining your day, and the thought that at the end of the day you have to do it again to get home is soul destroying.

Thankfully for me I don’t have that problem any more, but people use the train for supposed convenience as especially in London as where do you park your car? The double congestion charges and everything else forces people to take the train, so you would think that the main priority is to make it as pleasant as possible.

The trains offer poor service for the extortionate amount they charge, and again no minister is actually a transport expert and for once I actually agreed with Corbyn that the trains needed to be taken back under Government control. They are mainly foreign owned and prices are capped within their own countries, so the best way to get bigger profits and more money for the Directors??? Yep you guessed it …. stiffen the poor traveller in the United Kingdom.

If companies offered this appalling return for such a high cost they would go bust, yet the train companies think that a grovelling apology will make those having to use it go “oh ok, it doesn’t matter that trains are always late, they smell, they are packed and a danger…you apologised so carry on the way you are going……”.

There are a lot of things that is so wrong with this country, and it starts at the inability to provide a basic railway system. Another thing the Government needs to put on it must do better list. Cannot blame Labour on this one, as the Conservatives have been in power for 10 years and the service has gone from bad to worse.

I used to joke when I was going back to my unit in Aldershot that I had to sit on my kitbag once or twice on the journey….and oh how dreadful that was….but now if I was still doing that journey I could forget a seat each and every time, and would be playing either sardines or statues.

It is not value for money and until it is improved there should be no further increases as it is pure and simple a daylight robbery of those with no power to act.