Well another day and lots of insults from the leftists as they take umbridge at my attacking the likes of Starmer, Butler and Corbyn yet again….(yawn).

You would think I am the source of the pandemic for the unbelievable words they have called me ….yet my shoulders are still big and their words sooooo small….

What their faux outrage showed me is that they are not really bothered about the real victims….the Chinese Muslims, the Rohingyas….those people who are suffering what can only be unbearable to any human….but where is the outrage??

Where are those who call out capitalists like me,Tory voters like me…heck even being white has led to some real Humdinger insults, and I have been called the lot but their silence on people suffering is deafening.

They don’t really care about suffering, just their outrage whilst sipping lattes, posting their anger on media via their phones, going home to their parents house….no doubt angry at them for the comfortable house, the fashionable clothes, the chance to study, eat and be warm….oh the outrage at having to go abroad on a summer holiday.

Yet true suffering not a word….so please fake humanitarians don’t lecture me on my conservative values, when I am the one trying to make a difference to people suffering real harm.

This fight for justice is not about political values as I don’t care if you vote the monster raving looney party, but about giving people who are being abused, raped and murdered the chance of a real life free just like we are. It is a fight that will take millions but starting at 1 is a start….