Seems Keir Starmer is going to nominate Tom Watson again for a Peerage.

Despite knowing the lives this hideous man has ruined, despite getting the police to investigate innocent men for nothing more than a political show trial…..Starmer is still putting him forward again.

The self appointed nonce finder general is responsible for wasting millions of pounds of tax payers money on a wild goose chase, making sure that a liar was believed over that of good, honest servants of this country and ensuring one person …Lord Brittan was never cleared until after he had died.

Watson then when it comes out that Lord Jenner, Lord Brittan, Lord Bramall and Harvey Proctor were innocent tried to say he was a victim .. unbelievable.

What an insult to the victims, families and friends of those wrongly labelled by Watson….who don’t forget used parliamentary privilege to describe Lord Brittan as the closest to evil a man can get…..a totally innocent man….but let’s face it Watson is too much of a coward and a liar to have said it outside of parliament, to have him sat in the same place is an insult.

Watson has been turned down for the peerage by the department that oversees the nominations, as he was considered not to be suitable…he wasn’t then and he isn’t now.

It shows Starmer is so out of touch that he doesn’t care. The Lord’s don’t want him, his victims don’t want him and the public do not want to see that disgrace dressed in ermine. I hope he is rejected a second time as he is not fit to hold any further office.