I detest those people who eat dogs….there is a special kind of hell waiting for them as we know that dogs are the most beautiful, faithful and loyal of animals…..

Now it seems the useless fat boy who runs North Korea has decided that owning a dog is a Western decadence, and owners have to hand them over for eating.

As the parent of a furry son I would take on the world to protect my boy. Dogs give you far more love and loyalty than any other animal, and to sanction this is abuse.

Although we have come to realise that abuses by the rotund one is an everyday occurrence in the hell that is North Korea. He has got to be the only fat person in North Korea and how??? He starves his people and forces them into internment camps just for disagreeing with him, and then orders the most expensive foods for himself. Heart attack waiting to happen…….

Only last week a mother was jailed because she chose to save her children, over the picture of their “dear leader”…… Why hasn’t he been took out? To jail a mother for serving her children shows not only is he obese but round the twist…..raving nut job.

In the 21st Century surely the world has moved on from this sort of vile individual, whose only concern is too stuff everything in his mouth whilst his people starve. There is a food shortage… but not for him and North Korea needs to open their eyes and see what sort of monster is ruling them.

Open your eyes people and get rid of him and join the 21st Century, because we would all come together to build up North Korea, but until then fat boy in charge could feed the masses more and still have enough for a second round… save the dogs.