Michael Knowles takes on America’s snowflakes in the Universities.

As a part time University student I would love to listen to this guy destroy the leftist culture that plagues our centres of learning.

He does it with grace, charm and intelligence and guess who the only angry ones??? Yep you guess it the not so tolerant left

Hopefully one day I get to hear his lectures as they would be fascinating, and something students are not used too ….full of free speech.

When those who fought don’t matter……..

This weekend is VJ Day…75 years since the victory over Japan.

My flags are ready, Rule Britannia, Land of Hope and Glory and Jerusalem will be belted out over the radio. Along with speeches from the time and I will be reading the offending article by Kipling…as remembering is important….but more of the offence of reading Kipling later.

This weekend is to remember those who fought in the Far East, and in 1951 in recognition of the Veterans saw the formation of the Burma Star Association for all those who served in Burma. There were initially some 56,000 and my own paternal grandfather was one as he served in the Chindits in WW2.

If you ever manage to speak to a WW2 veteran I can promise you it is not time wasted, as their stories of bravery is real history and sadly, there are now only 1400 left who served in Burma.

Plans were made for a BBC tribute and then true to form somebody objected to one line of a Rudyard Kipling poem…the road to Mandalay.

This was based on a soldier thinking back to his time in Burma….and was adopted by those in Burma and was very apt in WW2, and was an emotional poem loved by all those who served in the Far East.

It had been specifically requested by the members of the Association, but that request has been ignored because of an offence being taken by somebody who was not there….and it seems his delicate nature outweighs the heroes.

Sir Willard White who was given a knighthood not for heroism, but just for singing took offence to one line. “An wastin’ Christian kisses on an eathen idols foot”….

What in blue blazes does he find offence in that? He states it is derogatory to people of colour….but as usual the permanently offended are offended again just for being offended…for what is as clear as mud and it seems his upset comes first despite having Commonwealth soldiers of colour and Gurkha soldiers fighting in the Far East too….but don’t let that little piece of information get in the way of being offended….

The whole night is meant to remember those brave men and women who served thousands of miles away from home and who did their duty. How disgraceful that he could not for one night have just swallowed his faux outrage as it’s not about him, and just give the respect due to those who are heroes for actually answering the call to fight. Not just appearing because of belting out a good tune.

To add insult to injury the BBC just looking for anything to be offensive have changed it, and never bothered to inform the Burma Star Association.

The opera singer should have refused if he was so offended, and gave his place to a star who actually respected those who fought.

Those who didn’t come home and those who did did not fight in the Far East because it was a race war but fought against evil….and he cannot even respect that, sadly this is quite often what you get from a prima Donna who has never served.

The Burma Star Association need to remove any association with the BBC to a channel that will respect them, as no doubt someone next time will be offended because they won!

The creeping threat of trying to destroy our history is never ending, and we need to put a stop to it. This is our history fought and paid for in the blood of not only Great British soldiers, but our Commonwealth and allies…..and if the woke brigade had their say, our heroes would disappear from our thoughts and hearts because of them being offended.

Veterans still serving their country.

God bless those who sign on the dotted line for Queen and Country, as your job is never done and when duty calls you answer.

These wonderful veterans have been protecting Churchill’s statue for days to make sure the ugly mob do not get their hands on it.

Let’s say a huge thank you to them for not only serving but loving their country and showing what a Great Britain should do and that is protect our history, and not give way to those who would knock it down for some woke cause.

Crowd funding…

Regardless of colour when you are an MP you have a responsibility to be above the race baiting activities that Butler took great delight in.

I will obviously add to the crowd funding costs because people in public office should behave. I had hoped when we drained the Westminster swamp at the last election that the looney left had been kicked out. Sadly not to be…but they do have to answer for their poor behaviour.

Hidden Disabilities

A comment by one of the readers hit home and left me feeling somewhat annoyed and upset.

I commented on the Butler farce explaining first why I don’t drive and that is due to being disabled. I never expected a mocking message back telling me it’s not about my sore leg, and felt quite sad for him really as the world he lives in must be so angry, angry that he can mock a disabled person as I have spoken quite often throughout my blog about dealing with the injuries I have.

So, I decided rather than being annoyed still I would write about how being disabled affects you and how people view you.

I have a carer as my spine was broken and my neck in the RTA. I damaged my hips, legs and feet. I struggle with walking but am determined not to use a chair, even though my mum bless her has put one of hers in storage for me. I have a computer that types for me as I have issues with my hands and the deterioration continues. I could type at 80wpm but that is a thing of the past.

I have help to get me out of bed due to the hips, spine, lower back, knees and feet. Many a time a paramedic has had to give me gas and air to get off the bed, but we get there.

I had a brain injury which sadly robbed me of a lot of memories from my early years, but mum tells me lots of things and my army friends although I am not totally convinced I was the rebel they make me out to be.

My son or Mr Points of Sue do a lot of the heavy work in the house, but bless them include me in a lot of things and I don’t feel useless or a drain, and even my grandchildren know that nanny has a bit of a problem as I continue to call it. My friends don’t fuss as they know I don’t like it but rather they wait for me to ask for help as I like to try and do things, but they respect me and help me manage my disabilities.

Despite all that I have worked with help, but if you looked at me you would struggle to see the disabilities, until you see the walking sticks and the 22 tablet pile a day I take, and this is where I came in….

The person who left that message was so woke in his quest to find racism when there is none, mocked a disabled person and not all of his messages get through as some are not pleasant, but it is a sad world when trying to find offence in something that is not there you actually offend someone else.

Is that the new leftist woke agenda? You can only be offended if it fits into their warped idea?

I feel so sorry for the youth of today as some are so angry, have no respect and openly mock people whose struggle doesn’t keep them down, but just makes them look at life in a different way but grab life by the horns and excuse the pun but runs with it.

I hope I really do that he doesn’t have anything remotely wrong with him when he gets older, because of the permanently offended leftist mantra to mock people, you have to ask yourself what sort of hate awaits them as they get older from their children?

I am proud of mine as they are responsible, respectful and help others and I know that they have become wonderful adults….but feel saddened knowing that not everyone has that caring gene.

It must be so miserable in the shoes of those who mock, because they find great joy in everything we find offensive.

Still having wrote this the only thing I feel is sad, not for me but saddened for the individuals who do not have the capability to have a discussion without mocking. It shows that they really haven’t grown up.