Yet again we read of the rioting  and wholesale theft from stores by protestors in Chicago.  Gathering outside of Chicago Police Department Ariel Atkins, a BLM organiser stated that the theft from stores is “reparations”.  Whatever fancy word or excuse they like to say, this is nothing more than stealing and should be dealt with harshly.  Since when has thieving and rioting been a march for rights?  You know call me old fashioned but that is certainly not the way to get people on your side.

The Mayor of Chicago is actually begging for “Peaceful protestors” and she stated that the police cannot do their job without back up and this is where military needs to be brought in….the stealing and wholesale theft is to the tune of some £65 million todate and can people really still be backing these protestors?

How do these thieves know whether the stores they are stealing from are not black owning stores?  People who have had to work hard for years can expect no sympathy from this rent a crowd of thieves and thugs as they feel it is their right.

Chicago police officers struggle with a suspected looter in Nordstrom, as looters broke into downtown shops early Monday
Glass is shattered in the Nordstrom store after a riot occurred in the Gold Coast area of the city early Monday morning
The stores looted by the mob.

The protest is nothing more than an attempt to cause anarchy and to steal.  It has now gotten to the point that those taking part have decided why should I work for it?  Why should I have to work hard for the things everyone has earned?  Why don’t I under the guise of being permanently offended not just steal.  After all, according to Ariel Atkins the spokesperson for the thieves and anarchists stated that those shop owners have insurance.  Well excuse me if this not outrageous to decent law-abiding citizens.     

Police officers have been seriously hurt and their prosecutors are too busy virtually signalling to the ugly mob rather than protecting the police officers and I hope that the police decide under no circumstances to protect the DA department, and that those who have the vote kick out your DA as soon as possible as the order of law has capitulated to the mob.  

After all, by their actions of refusing to prosecute they are positively encouraging the mob rather than protecting the police and that is unforgiveable, and to back an organisation that states and I quote “anything they wanted to take, they can” is when you realise there is now a serious need to have the national guard brought in and declare martial law to stop the looters.  After all, is it right that the police are injured and receive no back up?

The widespread looting came about because of one Latrell Allen, a 20-year-old was charged with the attempted murder of a police officer.  We are not talking a good guy here he has previous for child endangerment, domestic battery, and burglary.  This “model” citizen was confronted by the police and he opened fire and as he fled he ended up injured and was taken into custody, but as usual the permanently offended being permanently offended again decided to create a rallying cry of protesting and looting (sigh and rolls eyes).

The police cannot rely on the District Attorney as he decided to drop all the charges against the looters.  So, in essence he has told them “hey guys….I am virtually signalling here but please feel free to go out and loot anywhere and everywhere”….he has failed spectacularly to do his duty to the people and the police and they should of all been charged.  The police and decent citizens must be totally fed up of this, especially as the rioters actually organised a caravan of cars to go and steal wholesale. Infact for good measure they actually ram raided the windows for people to get better access to the goods that so many decent shop owners had worked so hard for all their lives.  Infact people were actually seen going in and out of stores carrying shopping bags of full merchandise and nothing says protesting against racism as stealing. 

Law abiding citizens must be getting so fed up with this now, as it is nothing more than anarchy.  The BLM could if they had wanted too because a powerful lobby group and actually taken the majority of people with them because when something is wrong and needs to be put right, then people often back a good cause,   but nope they resorted to stealing and have now alienated the people and it is now time the US President took control and put in the military with full martial law, because raiding Macey’s or a Nike store will not satisfy the mob in the end and it will go from bad to worse unless it is stopped.

A man sweeps up outside Paul Young Fine Jewelers after looting broke out in the Loop and surrounding neighborhoods
Cleaning up outside a looted jewellers shop
A CBD & Kratom store is seen after being looted as civil unrest and looting on Sunday night and into Monday morning
a looted CBD store
Debris lays in front of a damaged Best Buy store after parts of the city had widespread looting and vandalism
Debris in front of the Best Buy Store looted by thieves.