What a surprise…NOT


Dawn Butler MP lying again. She is trying to say that her driving round in a nice car, got them pulled over by the police because of being black…..

Well surprise surprise….she is not driving and the other person is white.

Who would of thought that a leftist labour MP would lie to just get airtime for being offended, trying to claim it’s racist when it’s obviously not, as well as attempting to get the police involved in trouble.

She is a disgrace as an MP, she is racist to the point of rabid and she should either be made to apologise for lying, or have the whip withdrawn.

However her faux outrage has backfired and she has been outed on the mediasphere, and is back to her normal stance with the public….a laughing stock.

Time to tell the French…

For every economic migrants that tips up here having passed through every safe country in Europe, we not only send them back but bill the French for all the costs till they start behaving as they should.