What is it about football that turns normal men into blubbering screaming kids?

For instance Real Madrid are currently playing Manchester City and Mr Points of Sue is a City supporter but its not him that is keen to watch it, my son is. My son is an Arsenal supporter but he will not bypass any football match.

The thing is he insists on watching it downstairs in the living room (eyes rolling) despite his father and I buying him a huge TV for his room and getting him the same channels upstairs that we have downstairs. With the comfiest of leather chairs and cold drinks on tap…….but nope….he has to be downstairs. What is it about sitting in the room and screaming YESSSSSSS that is different?

As you can no doubt gather I am not a football fan. I am not a fan of any sport really but being in a house full of chaps means that the TV is hogged constantly and the start of the football season is hell for me and it doesn’t get any better. Infact Mr Points of Sue has dragged me round the City ground before now. That tour never seemed to end……and he wants to do it again. (Inward screaming).

All of sudden the ones I love suddenly become the best armchair managers and obviously know better than the experts, and its a good job I am not offended by the language, as it is blue….very blue. My son has spent years trying to explain the game and how he has not guessed I have no interest in it…is beyond me. Mind you when the football starts…some part of a man’s brain is swapped from intelligent conversation to football, football, football and that is all they talk about.

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Infact it gets worse as I know when Liverpool are playing as our friend next door is not quiet when they score either. I do know when they have been beaten as the silence is golden but what is it about football that sends normally sensible people into hyper mania?

Answers on a postcard as I have no idea…but Sterling has scored and my son is currently dancing in the living room shouting YESSSSSSS as Manchester City is now 1 – 0 up……only another 2 hours to go as the break and the endless talking from the commentators is not missed either…..its going to be a long, long, long, long, long, long night.

Just what is it about kicking a ball around a field that does this????