William Reckless aged 4 has gone through more trauma than most of us do in a lifetime. He developed sepsis in January after falling ill and the brave little boy battled the killer infection and underwent multiple amputations losing both of his lower legs and parts of nine fingers – with only his right thumb left intact.

Young William developed sepsis from Scarlet fever and the pain, the heartache and the fear his parents and grandparents have gone through, I cannot imagine and it is something I hope I never have to.

However, despite all that he has not let that stop him and he has now started to make progress on his new prosthetic legs, and for me the smile from this beautiful brave little boy is my photograph of the year as despite everything he is enjoying life. Every time I feel a niggle, pain or feel sorry for myself I am going to look at the picture of this amazing young man and realise that despite what life throws at you…. a smile can make your day.

Amazing young man and shows that the human spirit even at 4 years of age is awesome.

Smiling face of determination: William Reckless gives a cheeky grin as he takes trip to the great outdoors with father Michael , and his family