The usual moronic bunch took themselves off to the beaches today and quite possibly sent the R rate rocketing in these areas because of their selfishness.

The beach at Brighton was packed with sun-goers as many beaches across the south filled to capacity and local leaders asked visitors to stay away
Brighton Beach

These will be the same people who are no doubt screaming that the PM and the Government are not doing a good enough job getting the R rate to drop blaming them for everything that this country is currently facing, yet conveniently forgetting that their stupid attitude could now be responsible for infecting not only the other idiots who turned up, but quite possibly those poor people whose towns they have descended on.

People enjoy the hot weather on a packed Bournemouth beach in Dorset at about 3pm this afternoon
Dorset Beach

No doubt there are some amongst them who cannot possibly go back to work because of the R rate being high and saying how selfish of the Government to request them to do so, or the shock horror at being told their children have to go back to school. Can’t do all that as its too dangerous don’t you know and they are not prepared to take that risk……but they can get themselves to the beach with the masses and pack themselves in like sardines, hot sweaty sardines. Infact there is probably more space in the sardine tin than on those beaches.

They must have this guaranteed pass from the Good Lord himself to not catch Covid 19, as no one can be that stupid as to willingly go to an area with all those unknowns just to get a tan.

Tourists on the beach at Bournemouth in Dorset today as angry locals warned visitors not to leave their litter on the sand
Bournemouth Beach.

The Government or the local council will no doubt have the car registrations of all those who parked up and they should send everyone of them a £1,000 fine for breaking the social distancing rule. After all how many of them were howling at the top of their voices when Dominic Cummings went to his parents? This is despite him not stopping and not coming into contact with anyone else unlike the masses on the beaches

The poor people of these seaside towns must be frantic with worry and angry at what has happened, and how dear these fools put others at risk as it is the blatant lack of concern that staggers me. After all they might not give a damn about their own families and catching the virus, but there are others around who actually care and have spent this period shielding their families, only for this lot to turn up. It is unfair and should be stopped period.

My response would be to have the PCSOs in masks go along the beach and write out fines for each and every one of them. As I said a £1,000 fine for the first offence, £10,000 for the second and then car crush for the 3rd….

I know people might find me harsh but for how many weeks were we reading about the NHS struggling with the infection rate, Doctors, Nurses and Care Workers dying from this, and there we were clapping every Thursday night and writing how marvellous they and the keyworkers are. The rainbows in the window and lots of media comments about how we would be lost without them and we would be as they are the best of us………but then the first bit of sunshine and for some that thought just puff….out of their minds.

I hope the NHS and the keyworkers can cope with what is coming because of the stupidity of others and it is about time the Government got tough with these people, as the only way you can teach stupidity is to hit them in the pocket with fines. By the way…don’t pay it….not only crush the car but jail time……trust me they won’t do it again.

After all how much is it going to cost in lives again if this pandemic is not gotten under control? Every death caused by the stupidity of others is not worth it and if people thought with their brains once in a while then the rising rate would have been reduced ….but this selfish and stupid behaviour is going to cause the rise again, and some of our most fragile people will die because of it….how thoughtful of them!!!! Not!!!!!