Shadow Labour Party Deputy Angela Rayner is calling on the Prime Minister Boris Johnson to produce the evidence that Dominic Cummings did not break the lockdown rules when he needed to go to his parents house.

This came about because he and his wife were unwell and his child is autistic. Having autistic grandchildren I know only too well that they will only settle with family members and those who are in their lives daily, and who they are comfortable around. Otherwise they have a meltdown and that is not fair on the child.

Boris Johnson is facing calls to publish evidence his chief aide Dominic Cummings says proves he did not make a second trip to Durham during the lockdown
Dominic Cummings
Labour's deputy leader Angela Rayner called on Downing Street to 'set the record straight' about Cummings's journey during the peak of the coronavirus crisis
Angela Rayner

This is nothing more than a cynical attempt to divert from the problems that Starmer and the Labour party is having with the Unions. As it has been stated widely across the media that Len McCluskey is threatening to withdraw funding and support from the Labour party unless they stay with the Corbyn way of doing things (yes please stay with it and then Labour will never get it). He has voiced his disgust at Labour for settling with the whistle-blowers and the Journalist who broke the story of the vile anti-semetism that was allowed to fester under Corbyn, and McCluskey is doing what he always does….threatens.

Where was Rayner’s voice calling out the disgust at that? Oh yes like Starmer she was silent as usual.

This is no more than a typical Labour ploy to divert from their constant failures and infighting, and do they honestly think that people are really interested now some months later? (I know that some comments will be yes he should explain whilst obviously dismissing what Labour did, as that is the Lefty point of view and its always the horrible Conservatives who are in the wrong)…..

For the sake of fairness Labour need to produce the evidence that the likes of Dawn Butler and Charlotte Nicols and all the other Labour MPs who joined an illegal BLM march during lockdown were abiding by the social rules at the time. After all Mr Cummings did not come into contact with anyone. They came into contact with thousands.

What about Stephen Kinnock going hundreds of miles in a round trip to say happy birthday to his dad? How about the Labour councillors and Labour mayor’s who were caught out breaking the lockdown rule, and still are in areas such as Blackburn. Care to make a comment on that Ms Rayner?

I actually wrote to Sir Keir Starmer and asked him when was he going to discipline those involved in marches and meetings, as they had surely broken the lock down rules and it was only fair because his party had been shouting the loudest regarding Dominic Cummings, and I am sure he did not want to come across hypocrite but as usual Starmer did nothing. Oh don’t get me wrong I received the usual your email has arrived and will be answered as soon as possible. Well that was weeks and weeks ago and nothing and I don’t expect to get one as he is trying to sweep that under the carpet.

So, may I suggest instead of trying make a mountain out of nothing Ms Rayner that you actually concentrate on trying to sort your party out. After all Labour Shadow Deputy Leaders in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones especially when your own MPs, councillors and mayors broke the lockdown laws themselves.

Typical of Labour always stuck in the past and always stuck in their victim mentality role, and the words “Move on nothing to see here” comes to mind.