I have been subjected yet again to the usual insults through comments sent to my email, and some I have chosen to list just to be fair as people can disagree with me….hopefully without the insults but I do sometimes add those that do along with the eye rolling as if to say oh look another one, how boringly predictive and definitely not creative….

I have been called Karen and I am now sure how insulting that is to be honest, as I have a friend called Karen and she is lovely and funny, and a joy to be with, so maybe a new word needs to be found for me as it is quite nice to be thought of as my friend and doesn’t hit the offended button they were hoping for.

What these people don’t understand is that it has to be other “woke” individuals who are actually bothered at being labelled for it to take effect. As I have said more than once I went through basic training in the British Army and then posted to numerous units, and trust me I have been insulted by the best and those I actually respected, and the insults were far worse and I just brushed it off and I was 17 then not a fifty something woman as I am now.

The “woke” brigade think that the majority of women or men who are middle aged or older are some sort of bigots, how disappointed they must be at their parents then as I can only assume that they have decided that living at home with these “Karen” type people must be truly awful, and that they have stood by their principles and have made their own way into the world without any help to stand on their own two feet.

Somehow I doubt it and how many of them do you reckon are still living at home with those awful middle aged people who pay their bills, who provide a roof over their heads and who have spoilt their offspring’s?

I cannot take criticism seriously of people who have jumped onto the bandwagon of “wokeness” and whose only interaction is with other “woke” individuals, as they really do not live in the real world. Thankfully the young people I know are nothing like that and they just get on with things and one of the things they have is the ability to have a political argument whilst still respecting their elders.

Maybe we are actually at fault and have brought up a generation of people who think they are entitled to criticise every step we take, and we have over-indulged this generation, maybe we need to take a step back and make them work for everything as we had to. Now that’s a radical idea…make them work for the things they want.

In the meantime I have no doubt that there will be further incoming but now I have decided to write about it I will no longer post any comment that is a personal insult as quite frankly I am bored with it. This does not mean I won’t post any comments that disagree with me but just disagree with me if you feel that way and I would welcome it with gusto. However, if you add the really boring insults to it then I will just delete it as I am sure like me, the people who read the blog just roll their eyes and are frankly bored with reading the same insults again and again. After all when you have read one insult, then you have read them all.

So lets be adults and disagree with a good political argument…..I await the incoming.