It seems that Jeremy Corbyn has gone whinging to the authorities at the Commons to complain that his choice for the peerages has been rejected. The comment from No 10 is that no one is automatically entitled to a peerage and that should be enough, but not with Corbyn he is whinging endlessly ….. well I can offer him the reason why they were refused….as the likes of Murphy, Watson and Bercow are not the type of people who should be made Lords as they are everything we find repugnant.

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Tom Watson was politically motivated to lie about people and took it upon himself to be the nonce finder general and he embarked on a witch hunt with the help of the police to hound innocent men such as Lord Brittan, Lord Bramall and Harvey Proctor. How terrible for Lady Brittan to find out that her husband had been cleared but the police had taken it upon themselves not to tell him and the poor man died whilst he still thought he was under investigation…..his widow was finally told that he was innocent, but to leave him like that was the most vile way for anyone to behave. Then to lie about Lord Bramall MC who served throughout WW2 with honour becoming a Field Marshall was just obscene.

The police had already said that there was nothing to investigate, but under the direction of Watson opened up a can of lies and the police then ransacked Lord Bramahlls house, whilst Lady Bramall who had dementia was getting more and more agitated…was the lowest the police could go. Cressida Dick should have been sacked, along with the other officers who did it….including the Sergeant who lied to a Judge to gain a warrant. Outrageous that nobody is held responsible for this.

The only thing Lord Bramall could be grateful for was that Lady Bramall would have had no memory of it….but how low to deliberately do this to a man who has served as a loyal servant to the crown and country….and this was all done with the backing of Watson who just wanted something to beat the Tories with, and it did not matter to him that it was all lies. Remember what he said about Lord Brittan? “was close to evil”…..what an absolute vile person Watson is.

Watson the coward would not say anything out of parliament as he knew he would get sued, so he is a coward and a liar. There were other innocent people caught up in the web of the nonce finder general and Mr Proctor lived in a grace and favour apartment for the Duke of Rutland, and in the apartment above a young family knew Mr Proctor and they were threatened with their daughter being taken away.

Adam and Charlotte Coxon find it hard to forget the February morning three years ago when, as a baby their daughter Francesca was nearly snatched away from them as they became innocently embroiled in a controversial police witch-hunt against former Tory MP Harvey Proctor. ‘We think we were within a whisker of losing our baby,’ says dark-haired Charlotte, 23. ‘A police officer turned up with a social worker out of the blue in a car with a baby seat in the back. The officer banged loudly on the door, then came in and told us to leave Harvey’s house, where we had a two-room flat upstairs. He made it clear we had no choice but to get out because Francesca was in danger from him……

Absolutely outrageous that an innocent man was discussed like this and thankfully he was cleared and sued the met and got his job back with the Duke….but this was all because of the nonce finder general Watson and that is why he was not accepted as he is a liar, and it must have felt repulsive to their Lordships to have him in there, as lets face it he couldn’t be trusted not to come up with some story about anyone in there. To add insult to injury he even claimed he was a victim too……for god sake how low can he get…..

As for Bercow, he was never a Labour MP and shouldn’t have been put down as the rules state that the leader of the opposite party cannot nominate anyone that is not a member of their party, and Corbyn knew this but as usual he chooses to ignore that and the PM knew that someone like Bercow would not be the people’s choice to put in the Lords especially as he was trying to thwart the will of the people again and again and gloating about it, never mind the allegations of bullying against him especially as there was more than one….up to 8 people have made these allegations that are still under investigation.

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There would have been uproar if he had been nominated because Bercow himself stated that traditions are there for changing in parliament, and that is exactly what Boris did. He decided that the tradition of the speaker automatically getting a peerage was due for change, so Bercow should be delighted that he was the recipient of the change and that he was modernising the commons without knowing it.

As for Karie Murphy, she was rejected because under her tenure of Chief of Staff the Labour party the bullying and anti-semetism had grown whilst Corbyn was leader. It has gotten that bad that the Equality and Human Rights Commission was investigating her toxicity and that of the Labour party. The only other group to be investigated was the BNP…so that is who she shares the spotlight with.

People were bullied out of their jobs, members of the Labour party were subjected to the most horrendous abuse just for being Jewish and all under her watch. The litany of allegations included against her is: pushing a member of staff by the neck and pinning them against a wall; reducing a junior member of staff to tears at a Christmas party after a 15-minute tirade of screaming and shouting; swearing and shouting at staff who were perceived to have made errors; disclosing to staff that female colleagues had suffered miscarriages; telling colleagues, inaccurately, that other staff had mental health problems or were drunks; and managing Corbyn’s office through ‘a culture of fear’.

So maybe if Corbyn would like to read this blog then maybe he would actually realise that the 3 people he put forward were just not acceptable at all for a peerage, as people have to be of good conduct at least to get in the Lords and they all fall at the first hurdle. This says an awful lot about the company Corbyn keeps, mind you a man who has friendships with terrorists, anti-Semites and every other person that makes your skin crawl is nothing new with Corbyn, but it gets me that he is surprised that any of his choice were turned down. The only good thing we can count on is that the likes of Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbott will not be offered one….