At long last Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator is finally putting out a 36 page report aimed at businesses and people in the wake of Brexit and that the preparation is for a No Deal.

Michel Barnier
Michel Barnier

I am somewhat surprised that Barnier has left it this long to produce this report. He should have known from Boris Johnson winning a stonking majority that it would in all probability end up a no deal. The EU said themselves they had banked on a hung parliament and would have made demands that parliament would have agreed upon, as we know that before the election 80% of the MPs were acting against the democratic vote.

How satisfying to get the result we did and how out of touch the MPs and the EU were with the people of Great Britain, as we were determined to get rid of those duplicitous MPs, the speaker and the EU and that by voting for the Conservatives to have such a majority we the people had put a stop to their plans.

After all the EU are demanding that we agree to abide by their rules and who in their right mind would agree as a Sovereign state to abide by the rules of others? They want us to align with them, the European Court of Justice have the final say and for us to give up our fishing rights. Absolutely ridiculous and the 80 seat majority that Boris gained at the election should have told the Frenchman that this country would not agree to anything. The people had spoken and we are leaving, and we are glad to be leaving.

I am not scared of a No Deal. I realised when voting for Brexit that it could affect us for a short time, but that it was worth it to gain back our rights as a sovereign state. After all France was fishing 93% of our cod stocks and that is ridiculous. France also gets three times more financial help for farmers than we do, and all we end up with is a pittance back from what we pay in. Since when did it make fiscal sense to pay out more than you got back?

What did bother me was the fact that this country was losing its identity to a group of unelected people who had no idea what it means to be British. After all there is no way we would have accepted the proposed extension with it all in favour of the Germans, and with the EU army which would in time come under the command of the Germans…….I do believe however, that we are just the first to leave this failed vanity project.

Barnier is blaming Covid 19 now, and before that he was blaming anyone else who voted Brexit…no doubt he will eventually blame both situations, but the truth is that people like me and there are 17.4 million of us, and many more have converted as we saw at the General Election are sick to the stomach of having the likes of Guy Verhofstadt and Michel Barnier dictating to us how this country is run.

The EU is the least democratic of any organisation and its very existence made a mockery of what it means to have democratic freedoms, because the first thing a country does is lose their identity. As I have said many times before the fact that new MEPs were greeted with a “welcome you are now the elite of Europe” was ridiculous. A whole fleet of chauffeur driven Mercedes at their beck and call, private jets for the various presidents (whilst spouting their wokeness that the rest of us become eco friendly), and a shopping mall built purely for those who work in the EU…..and then the very generous pay and perks which were perfect for fraudsters as no receipts were needed. Their whole attitude would not go amiss in a communist country. I am surprised that they did not partition off one of the lanes of all the motorways for use only by those in the EU parliament.

One of the main reasons for making up my mind, which I must admit had been made a long time ago was the fact that their audit books on the finances had not been signed off, and that there was wholesale theft and fraud going on. Is that really acceptable to anyone? Then there was them trying to bully us and belittle us….not cricket at all.

The 36 pages is called ‘Get Ready for a Change’ and they should have been preparing for this from day one.

David Frost and Michel Barnier
Michel Barnier and David Frost

The battles over future access to Britain’s fishing grounds and the so-called “level-playing field” remain the toughest challenges for the pair, according to European sources. One EU official said: “There’s much left to solve for August, we need to get somewhere meaningful on fish and the level-playing field.”

The EU needs to realise that their idea of a level playing field is not ours. They must have no say in what goes on this country. Can you imagine another country accepting this? The fish as stated are in British waters, our waters and I think that the need to apply for a licence to fish in our waters is not unreasonable but only after our fishermen have the full quota available to them for their needs. The French and the EU were not the slightest bit bothered when our fishing industries were on their knees, and my loyalty goes to our fishing industries and not theirs. If our fishermen had to put up with 7% and this was acceptable to the French and the EU then, it should be acceptable to the French and the EU now for their quota.

There is absolutely no way that any foreign court should be allowed a say in the British legal system, as our legal system is the highest law in this country and to demand otherwise shows how ridiculous they are in the EU.

The EU parliament must accept that the majority of British people now want our PM, the Government and the Envoy David Frost to walk away. We have seen the undemocratic way the EU worked when we had our disgraceful parliament spending 3.5 years giving into the demands of the EU. They would have left us with Brexit in all but name and make us a vassel state, and that was unpalatable to the silent majority who finally got their way following the General Election.

Boris and the Government must not be worried about walking out of the talks. Can you really see a French farmer saying “non, for the sake of showing the Brits who is boss I will go bankrupt rather than send my supplies there”….get a grip. The farmers and those other industries who export here are going to be desperate to keep that going and it is just the politicians who have their heads in their political clouds who think differently.

Politicians do not live in the real world and they think that all the bullying and all the threats from both sides of the channel would have made us give up. After all the EU are famous for not accepting democratic decisions unless its in their favour, and now they are being shown what a true and pure democracy is like. It is where the people speak and the politicians do as commanded.

I for one will be glad to see the back of the EU and the likes of Barnier and especially Verhofstadt as I really dislike his continual power grabs. He was the Prime Minister of Belgium and there are some 11.5 million people live there so tiny in comparison, and how can it be that someone from such a small country can have such a big say? I know that I personally want to thank him for being so obnoxious during the whole of the Brexit saga as he became the poster boy for why we wanted out. Seeing him daily gave people a clearer insight into why they wanted to leave….so cheers Guy.

Roll on the 31st December and we are truly sovereign and never again should this country be tied to anyone else.