Forever Family, a secretive group took to the streets of Brixton yesterday dressed as what can only be described as paramilitary and threatening.

Wearing what appeared to be stab vests with paramilitary-style black uniforms, demonstrators marched through London yesterday demanding Britain make amends for generations of African slavery

They look very similar to the Black Panther group of the 60s and 70s in America and whilst I don’t doubt their intentions as they want to campaign against against racism, inequality and injustice why do they look like they want to fight the system in a literal sense?

The way they dress is both intimidating and reminds me of the 70s and 80s and the way the IRA dressed, after all nothing speaks more threatening than a stab vest, a balaclava and a paramilitary style march through the streets.

For the life of me I am struggling to understand what on earth the demonstration is about. Everyone has the same rights in this country and no doubt I will hear that very tired statement of white privilege, or I will no doubt be subject to the usual hysterics of being called a racist or worse (which by the way does not bother me one jot and for those thinking of doing it …. save your breath as it won’t get posted as I will not pander to the hysterical woke brigade) but what is worrying for me as a taxpayer in this country is how much is this lot costing, and why was this allowed to take place? How many more are planned?

Can you imagine a group of young white people doing that? Sweet Jesus there would be screaming from the roof tops that it is the KKK and racist. Whatever happened to lobbying groups who have gained support for their cause through non violence, non threatening means and who because of their appreciation for the law abiding citizens of this country have gained far more support than they would have imagined.

Nigel Farage when he stated ‘Terrifying scenes in Brixton today. A paramilitary-style force marching in the streets.  This is what the BLM movement wanted from the start and it will divide our society like never before.’ Is not wrong as I am slowly seeing the disintegration of this one beautiful country.

Why can we not just come together as a country? Why must there be all these different communities? Why cannot we not just accept we are all British and take that as a start……