Living in the North West Mr Points of Sue and I have decided to go back into a semi-ish lockdown. We will only be seeing our children, grandchildren and my mother as we have all decided to have that bubble. When the government announces a further lockdown then it will be back to skype, but until then the area I live in has not been put into lockdown but we both decided that it is time to take back some form of control in a way.

I know some people will say how can she be in control in a form of lockdown but this way it will be up to us who we see and I have to bear in mind that Mr Points of Sue has a lung condition, and my mother is diabetic and only last year had a pacemaker fitted. Not the sort of situation that bodes well in a pandemic, and after a discussion with the family we decided to do this.

We limit ourselves already and only go to one shop a week and wear masks at all time when we do…infact we were wearing them before they became mandatory. Although the people who are still not wearing them is quite scary. Does these people never think it will happen to them or that the Good Lord himself has put some sort of invisible cross on their door and the plague will Passover them? I have never seen such lunacy before in my life.

I don’t know whether they are relying on the likes of you and me to put the mask on and hope it doesn’t catch them, but would it really hurt to just put one on?

I am still going to write my blog and my political magazine, and will conduct zoom meetings with clients but it is for their good and ours really as we have seen the result of people not following the advice given out. After all, you only have to see today that people are gathering in their thousands everywhere and seemingly without a care… nice of them not to have a care in the world but in the world I live in….I do care as I love my family too much to treat such a threat with such a cavalier attitude.

You can all remember the clapping of the NHS. Our gratitude at those key workers who put their lives at risk and on hold to make sure that we had everything we need, well how quickly that is forgotten and shame on you for not bothering.

I have never been one to be easily frightened and like to think as a former soldier I have a bit of gung ho in me, and I can argue with the devil himself and expect to win. However, this is not an enemy you can negotiate with, you cannot see it, touch it and feel it. Weapons don’t stop it and neither does an army and the only person who can stop its spread is you. If you take responsibility then the 2nd wave should be small in comparison and not put the lives of the NHS at risk.

It will enable us get back into the swing of things and reduce the risk of this country going bankrupt, because the way it is going and those who are stupid enough to go out in groups will be responsible for the much bigger 2nd wave. After all you only to see the crowd at beaches to see that this will come back……

Beachgoers enjoy the sunshine and sea at a packed Brighton beach in East Sussex this afternoon
Brighton Beach
A long line of visitors, many armed with swimming equipment, make their way to the beach at Durdle Door in Dorset

The infection rate is already doubling from last week yet people think that this is acceptable? What about the locals? How very unfair on them….

Visitors cram onto the beach at Southend-on-Sea in Essex on the hottest day of the year and the third hottest day ever today

Due the stupidity of those who refuse to behave this virus will get worse before it gets better and I for one refuse to join the crowd, and will be just blogging my way through the 2nd wave as I did the first and know that my garden will be the main beneficiary yet again.