Is quite often the first sentence ask me when I see old friends. It was something that at first I said oh ok to….and then thought seriously about it and thought do people really want to know or are we just being polite?

How are you coping in these strange days?

First of all ….it is strange to have to go into shops wearing a mask as seeing a person’s smiling face is often the first thing we notice, but that is now not possible and we just try to avoid each other again and again. Not as we humans are expected to be.

The demand for all the cleaning products is another as the shelves are bare and fly off the rows as soon as they are re-stocked. Are we really all going so mad on cleaning or is this preparing for the 2nd coming?

The horror when out walking the dog of someone coming to close with their bikes or even walking, and don’t lets pat the dog…..which when I come to think of it I was doing without realising and it is wrong. I have gotten to know a few people and their animals out walking and the pets are gorgeous, and what do I read today?? A cat has it…….dear god do they have to put every minute detail down as there is enough paranoia as it is. I guess I will sit out and wait to see what the experts say.

The look of horror on my face when my youngest son invited his friends to sit in our garden. Something they had done so many times before, and how telling my young friend that I cannot sit and have a cup of tea with her and the children.

Are we really living through this? Am I guilty of becoming that nervous that it is affecting me in everyway? After all, I have a husband with a lung condition and have to think about him too…….and it has only been in the last 4 weeks he has ventured beyond the front door.

I have started to go back to the shops complete with the mask but not on the weekend as the people waiting to get in is massive, and it must be disheartening for those who only have the weekend to shop. My poor neighbour works in a shop and she comes home exhausted and the stories we hear about how people are tutting, becoming somewhat nasty and downright abusive is heart-breaking…..I know I wouldn’t put up with it and would last 5 minutes before I told some ungrateful so and so what I thought of them, and it wouldn’t be pleasant. Maybe it is right I don’t work in retail.

So in a nutshell I am worried about being out but don’t want to stay in. I don’t want to have spent the back end of 6 to 7 months in because we hear often of the second wave, and shutdown is something I am expecting to see again. Although, how the country would cope with it would be interesting as can we really afford the economic downturn?

I guess sort of being retired means I don’t have to worry about my income anymore but what about those who aren’t? I would not like to be the chancellor or the PM if that happens….

It will be a case of waiting, watching and seeing if this awful thing comes back but in the meantime please, please, please wear face masks as I have seen so many people wondering around the shops without them. Do they honestly feel the good lord himself has deemed them exempt from catching it?

I suspect I am not the only one but I will be glad to see the back end of 2020…..