First of all I have never hid my delight at Brexit and am so looking forward to becoming the independent state that other than a 40 year blip we have had for a 1000 years.

When people voted to go into the Common Market they did not vote for the monster that is the EU, but rather a way to trade…a market that would be common to all those involved. There was never a hint of being ruled by a foreign country or entity. It has only been through the lies and cover up by successive Governments that we were in danger of losing our national identity and ending up a vassal state of a Greater Germania, and the prospect of an EU army even though the likes of Nick Clegg said it wasn’t true. Which we now it is and then Guy Verhofstadt calling for a greater control of taxes and taking it away from elected government. It won’t be long before they are calling for the abolition of governments in the remaining 27, give it time as Verhofstadt is determined to walk over the rights of people and when they see how much more they can have in the EU, it will get voted in and countries will lose even more of their identity.

After all new MEPs were met with welcome to the EU, you are now the elite of Europe with chauffer driven Mercedes, very generous expenses that do not require a receipt, the best of travel via planes, trains etc and their own shopping mall where the common taxpayer who has to pay for it cannot shop. You know, just the type of things that Communist leaders have. They covet the wealth whilst telling people their struggle is for their own good.

When the historic vote was taken and the majority decided to leave as I might not be hot at maths but even I know that 52% is the larger number….it was the start of the United Kingdom finally throwing out the failed experiment that is the EU.

I remember watching the In/Out Referendum results night and should have known then that the remainers such as Chukka Umunna, Keith Vaz, Emily Thornberry, Anna Soubry and all the others who were shocked at the result, would try there most wicked to stop democracy. Umunna gave it away by saying “48% of the public did not vote for this”….he might as well have come straight out with it and said that parliament was going to try and stop it….I might have had some respect for them.

Instead we had the worst parliament from 2016 – up until Boris got a thumping majority not seen before in a Conservative government since Margaret Thatcher, and we all know that parliament worked against the will of the people and at last the swamp was drained, although there are a small number of Tory MPs who are reverting back to their normal scheming ways and I hope they are rooted out and kicked out of the party, as Boris must not let parliament thwart the will of the people as we the people will not forgive him or them.

Anyway, fast forward and we are 5 months away from pure independence and self rule. I have the flags ready to fly on the 31st December and a bottle of bubbly on ice and I cannot wait. It was never about being richer or poorer but I did not want to be ruled by a foreign parliament and lose that identity that Great Britain has fought so hard for…

Therefore, I find it hard to understand why every remainer I have spoken to always spouts that I have voted to make myself poorer….I haven’t…I really haven’t…..the uncertainty of the previous parliament played havoc with the financial gurus…but not the vote. When I tell them that I voted to take back control and have British Courts for British people, to have our coastal waters under our control and to have no interference from the ECJ….they look at me as though I am speaking a different language.

How dare I not agree that I was against Europe….but I like Europe and have happily spent many a time in various countries…but I dislike the EU parliament and that is not a country and certainly not a state….and that is what I detest. It is answerable to no-one.

I struggle to understand why even now they are trying again and again to stop the democratic will of the people, and the latest excuse is the “supposed” Russian interference in the Brexit Vote. Well I can say hand on heart that I don’t remember a Russian spy bombarding me with details of how to vote, and there was certainly no spy in the voting booth….rather just me having already made my decision and actually getting to the voting centre the minute it has opened. What is the strangest of all is that they do not see how more and more bizarre they sound.

Why is it that remainers are so inward looking and it is infact the Brexiters who are outward looking at how wonderful this is for Great Britain. I believe that we as a country can prosper and that Great Britain PLC has so much to offer the world, and if we can become the 5th wealthiest nation with the scraps of contracts that the EU throw at us…just imagine the impact of the whole world being able to trade with us. The greatest share of the contracts were given to Germany and France, and that is what the EU is about….it is in fact the Franco German EU and the rest are supposed to tow the line, as we saw with the Covid 19 Bailout dominated by the demands of Germany and France, and how the German Chancellor tells Barnier what to do. The EU is there to only serve one master and that is Germany.

The current UK’s fishing quota under the EU allow British fishermen to catch around 30% of fish in British waters, and the rest are fished by EU fishermen and Barnier demands that continue….what planet is he on? The foreign boats can apply for a licence and have to accept that their happy days are over. The EU almost obliterated our fishing towns, they didn’t seem to bothered and allowed it continue and that is not acceptable. Of course Barnier is concerned for Europe and their fishing, but that is not our problem and I am under no illusion that we would play fair but fair and the EU have never met, and until they stop their demands to carry on interfering in our country will result in us leaving, and they will be to blame. Barnier doesn’t realise he is already the scapegoat for failure.

This is way I am astounded that remainers like Ian Blackford, Tony Blair and Alistair Campbell…along with the remainer MPs who were kicked out of parliament still take the EU side, despite the bullying attitude they have towards us and lets face it…they were hoping for a hung parliament to make demands that were just outrageous. They said themselves they were expecting it to be hung so they can dictate the terms….whoops went wrong for them . After all does the ECJ have a say in Canada? Do they have to abide by the rules and regulations of the EU and which would have prevented Canada from striking up trade deals? Nope and none of this applies because Canada is an independent nation and are treated as such, and sadly the EU and its politicians cannot accept that we are expecting to be treated the same…and it will cost them dearly.

I am not afraid of a no deal and exiting on WTO terms….after all the majority of the world trade on WTO regulations and can you imagine how much trading we can do with the just the commonwealth? It is twice as many nations as the EU …..

I just find it sad that remainers cannot see that this is democracy in its purest form. We instructed parliament to do our bidding and to see the place referred to as the mother of all democracies trying to deny the very thing we are known for has dented its reputation, but I hope as time goes on and blessed with a huge majority Boris will show the EU that they are undemocratic and bullies, and that we are just the first to leave.

Sadly, the remainers will continue to spout all sorts of nonsense until we are actually out and then maybe the divisions will heal when they see what a fantastic opportunity this is, but until then I guess seeing Campbell on the TV is something we have to put with….but may I suggest that a man who was responsible with Blair for lying to parliament, sexing up a report and sending our forces to war based on lies and 198 brave service personnel dying is the last person to call Boris a pathological liar… is pot and kettle with Campbell.