Having taken the plunge of retiring due to continuing poor health….(and lasting a whole two weeks before boredom set in)….I decided that I needed to do something as being on the outside of a working life was just not for me and I wasn’t ready. How many of you can say that? I can imagine there a lot.

You see I had taken a large break after having my children and felt that the years I had taken needed to be made up, and even though I cannot catch them up again…the inner me was and is always convinced that I still had a lot to offer but what though?

I must confess my typing is done by my computer as having an issue with your hands creates a lot of problems when trying to type….i.e. it doesn’t happen really….which was quite sad as I was able to type at 80wpm…and I was very proud of that. Still, the magic of modern living and hey presto…my machine does it for me…..

I knew that with my vast collection of medication that going out to work was not an option as I can not really guarantee I can get out of the house some days, infact getting out of bed is quite a drama and the need for gas and air from a kindly ambulance paramedic is something I dread. Not the ambulance as the paramedics are always kind and so helpful, but the feeling of being helpless and people seeing me helpless can be for me embarrassing especially as each and every movement can leave me in agony. So whatever I needed to do it had to be in the house and also make me feel like I was being useful again….and then Mr Points of Sue hit on this idea…why not start a blogging site and write a book. The book is still being written…..

I can honestly say that it definitely brought me out of my boredom and made me feel as though I was not finished and that the scrap heap was not where I was heading, but into a world of media that I really had no idea of but self teaching and taking advice gave me a fantastic start.

I do know however that I could not have done it without the help and encouragement of my family. There have been times when I am exhausted as the medication takes effect….taking up to 22 a day can have an effect on you…although I do try to put something on my site everyday and the encouragement of my sons, my daughter and husband has been outstanding. My eldest grandson thinks I am the coolest nana on the planet and he is going to show his teacher my site when he goes back….so in effect I have been successful. He has shown me so many other platforms that it is a whole new world to me….and the magazine I run well he gets that on his mobile and loves it……

I might not make a lot of money out of this as it is more a job of love for me and infact I want to give something back as that is why I am offering to advertise people and their companies. It is not a trap where I suddenly hit someone with a bill and it is not for any gain other than to show that a disabled person who felt like their working life had finished found belief in herself and finally accepted her disabilities, and then went on to have achievements self belief being one of them and also to study for a degree the other. Infact if you measure my strides by success then I have circumnavigated the world and back.

I was always a bit hesitant at first as I wondered if anyone would read my thoughts, but kind people have and left comments. I might not agree with them and quite often don’t as I am right of the Conservative party and set in my ways as an old fuddy duddy as you might call it. I believe in the rule of law and am proud of our history. I believe in respect and that is regardless of the colour of your skin and will always help a fellow human if called upon….but the delight I felt at my first comment was as though I finally had that goal I had set out to do…and for that I am eternally grateful.

It is sometimes that step in the dark to start new things that often give us the most doubts, and I did have doubts but about whether or not people would find anything I wrote interesting…..and often run through the pieces with my husband and believe me he is the harshest of critics. It is strange to know that my daughter and youngest son read my postings and the comments and they are not backwards at coming forwards when it comes to their criticism either, but they do it because they love me and understand what I am trying to say….even I get lost in translation sometimes…

I actually commented to my pain management guru Steve at Whythenshawe hospital that this blogging had made a huge difference in my life, as the feeling of being useless was slowly creeping in and with the help of this site and the belief I can do it from my family and friends, I had grasped that I can be whatever I want it to be and that I just had to look at a different way of achieving it due to disabilities, but I discovered that people with disability are often the ones who push themselves as each day is a battle to even start the day and is something that full bodied people take for granted.

I will never make a fortune and to be honest very people do in this area but I am rich in other areas as people want to interact with me. I am not a daughter, wife, mother or grandmother on here but me and that me has a lot to say, and as I stated the fact that I can interact with people I have never met and whose political beliefs are totally different from me is still exciting every time I see a comment.

Some comments are not so nice and they just get ignored and blocked but I enjoy so much getting into a meaty difference of opinion with others who are polite throughout, and whilst my site is growing daily I will never not reply to someone who has made a valid point on what I have said.

All of this came about because I sat down with my rock and told him that I felt my working life was not over, but what could I do ….and he came up with this and I am so grateful as he will often talk things over with me with regards to politics as we are both political animals. Infact all my family are as when we were altogether under one roof I always insisted that we sat down as a family at dinner and talked about the days events and quite often it became political. So my children were savvy from an early age about politics and I am very proud of who they are today.

I am also very proud of me and each day is a battle won and I plan to fight so many more.