The cult that is Jeremy Corbyn and why hasn’t Starmer removed the whip?

Yet again we see the true face of Jeremy Corbyn and it is not so pretty. The ugly head of anti-semetism rears and he still refuses to believe that he and his attack dogs known as momentum are responsible for the mess that the Labour party finds themselves in…that and now being short of some £500,000.  Keir Starmer does not come out smelling of roses as he sat on his hands and did nothing whilst the Jewish population were ridiculed, bullied and almost driven to desperation by a leader of a party who has time and time again sided with the terrorists and killers of this world.

One whistle-blower you might think oh well its their word against his…but not 8.  That is 8 people who saw the rise of anti-semetism under Corbyn, McDonnell, Formby, and Seamus Milne.  Their hatred of the Jewish population was not even hidden when dealing with complaints as they did not deal with it….let’s face it.  It gave Corbyn the excuse he needed to kick out the Jews of the party and dismiss the Jews in the United Kingdom as Corbyn didn’t want his nasty party to be associated with them and don’t lets start on what he thinks of Israel….he hates that the country and population is even there.  He will always back Hamas every time…..after all it was him stood at the graveside of a terrorist who had killed Israeli Athletes at the Munich Massacre of 1972, and laid a wreath to a terrorist who murdered innocent athletes….but Corbyn didn’t care…after all the victims were Jewish and we know what he thinks of the Jews.


The admirers of Corbyn have raised £30,000 for his legal fees as he is going to be sued for calling the decision to pay damages to the whistle-blowers as disappointing and a political decision.  Did we ever actually expect him to say something decent for once?  Him or his supporters….who is seem have no shame in supporting and defending him.  He is indefensible as there has been a real threat to the Jewish population under him.

To hear the likes of Angela Rayner and Keir Starmer bleating about how anti-semetism is not welcome in the party and they will root it out…..why did they not say anything when anti-semetism was in full flow in the labour party…of which both of them sat on the Labour shadow front bench and did nothing……..nothing has changed….except the members now have to pay out £500,000 in damages.  You have to ask again why has Starmer not withdrawn the whip from Corbyn?  He has attended meetings online that criticise Jews yet again….and Starmer did nothing.  My god he was quick to get Rebecca Long Bailey to resign….and she did even less but Corbyn it seems is Teflon in the Labour party and nothing touches him.  Come on Starmer put the members money where your mouth is and get that whip withdrawn from Corbyn.

This is not the first nor will it be the last time we hear from the Cult of Corbyn and they are no doubt blaming others for his downfall……despite decent people knowing what he is.  After all, I remember on election day a Labour person knocking on my door and asking me had I voted….I said I had and her reply…”I hope it was Corbyn”…..I told her in no uncertain terms that I would never vote for that man as I am married to a Jewish man and also a retired soldier…..poor woman practically ran out of the gate.  You see, those canvassing knew that no one would vote for a terrorist supporter, especially a terrorist supporter who openly advocated for the terrorists such as the IRA.

The hatred of Jews and his support of the IRA are the reasons I would never have supported him even if he gave free money for the rest of time…he should never have been leader in the first place.    When British soldiers were murdered by the IRA he took great delight in parading his murderous friends in Parliament, and did so less than a week after the Brighton bombing when the IRA tried to blow up a democratically elected Government.  Thank god Mrs Thatcher was unhurt and went onto show Corbyn and McDonnell what true loyal British politicians are like….but he could not help himself, he had to show of which side he belonged too….and it was not Britain.

Corbyn, Adams and McGuinness

This is why I find it difficult to believe that anyone with their head screwed on the right way would even vote for him, and even more that he has not yet been disciplined by Keir Starmer as it is way past the due date, and he should have it removed because he has brought the party into disrepute, and cost it not only its reputation but a considerable fortune and if that does not get him fired from the party….what would?

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3 thoughts on “The cult that is Jeremy Corbyn and why hasn’t Starmer removed the whip?

  1. Racism is endemic of the labour party. Dianne Abbot and many other ministers have been shown to have views of other races that need to go. This is exactly why labour is losing it’s grip, it needs to side with the silent majority and start treating everyone equality rather than some more equality than others.


    1. Hello Samantha,

      Thank you for joining Points of Sue and I am delighted that the first point from you is by far one of the most sensible points I have read regarding the Labour Party. I can remember the Labour party of old and whilst I might not have agreed with their policies, but they always behaved with fairness. I totally and wholeheartedly agree with what you say and I look forward to reading more from you.

      Welcome Sue.


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