Decided to take my little furry boy to the seaside with Mr Points of Sue, and the little child inside you still shouts hurrah when you see the fair going.

I spent many a happy days with mum and dad there and it was a genuinely gorgeous place…..but not now…..

The people were being very good and socially distancing….but upon arrival I needed what most ladies of a certain age need….the toilet.

On the front there is a row of about 6 toilets and the asking price….£0.40p….

So in goes the money…open the door and my god it was awful. The stench was rancid, toilet paper all over the place and the toilet….well use your imagination.

I thought no chance and paid for two more and they were all disgusting….so legs crossed for me as there was not a cat in hells chance I was plonking my backside down on any of them…they were minging.

Southport used to so up market and beautiful….what on earth happened? It is run down and looks really bad. There are more boarded up places than ever, and it looks just grubby

If councils want to start getting people back then may I suggest having clean facilities, and a sea front that looks loved and welcoming….as currently it looks as if people don’t care which is a great shame ….and sort the toilets out as they are NASTY.