Slavery is not acceptable

My paradise on earth…commonly known as my garden.

I decided to tidy up the garden due the rain stopping and within 10 minutes life had slowed down and the thoughts of pandemic, black plague, wearing or not wearing a mask had completely gone.

One of the greatest joys is seeing all the colours that are in my garden as there are now 6 fuchsia plants, 11 trees growing, 3 sapling oak trees and that many rose bushes you are just surrounded by them. I have Hebe’s in large planters and they have grown and produce a beautiful lavender smell and the bees love them. The planters are on the patio and my washing line is there but I love seeing and hearing the bees…wasps not so much….and definitely don’t want the murder hornets but those fuzzy little bees are such a delight to see and they don’t bother me and am trying to educate my grandchildren that if you don’t bother them, they they will leave you alone.

Walk through the ivy covered archway and into the garden…it is instant and breathe. I had more rose bushes to put in and I must admit my son does the digging and I can become very particular about how they are planted but seeing the yellows, red, pinks and white roses are gorgeous. Am looking for more colours and explained to my son who asked me where I would put it, that there is always room for more roses.

The number of butterflies are growing each day, and moths too and do you know instead of doing the usual girly thing and screaming I actually just watch them. I can now pick up worms and move them, along with the snails …..slugs hmmm not so sure and will use gloves…..spiders and other bugs don’t bother me as I have had to rescue my sons from them all their lives…even at 6ft odd they still don’t like them….but if you don’t like bugs and creepy crawlies then the garden is not for you.

If you close your eyes and listen to the trickling water it drops your BP to almost a slow beat as it is so peaceful. The dead heading is becoming a daily ritual and going out picking up the fruit of the trees is so self satisfying because I grew them…and I hand them to my neighbour as her little ones love it….

The lawn is a perfect green colour and I have already sketched it in my mind what I am going to do with the patio area….but when it seems the world is going mad and to be honest I just switched off when reading that the bubonic plague was found in a squirrel in the USA….I just thought god I am fed up with this constant virus here, plague there, pandemic everywhere else that I just take myself out in the garden and I can be out there hours. Not seeing anyone after one of my sons have dug the hole, and you can sit and really think of nothing…other than taking pride in the plants you have grown.

I swear to god one day I will do a Prince Charles and talk to them…..for me the garden and lovingly looking after is by far the best medicine for anyone feeling down or depressed. Maybe the GP should advise patients to take up gardening as it just makes the world go away for a couple of hours and that must be a good thing.

Supporters of terrorism should never be allowed here. Our right to security outweigh theirs…..

The High Court has yet again shown why it no longer represents the people, they have dropped a bombshell of a ruling that it is illegal to keep Begum out of this country as she could not have effective appeal. The whole court system needs to be re-organised as what planet are these Judges on? This woman pledged allegiance to ISIS. She did not complain nor want to come back when ISIS were raping Yazidi women or killing their elderly women, men and children. She did not complain when ISIS were throwing gay men off roofs, nor beheading western hostage, holding slave markets, or making slaves of those who they terrorised. She actually stated that she it did not bother her to see a beheading, or a severed head…..whereas those who are normal and not terrorist supporters would be mortified and horrified.

She left of her own accord and don’t give me the she was a child crap….my father joined the Army in WW2 at 16 having lied about his age and went to fight evil….Begum went to fight with evil and for that alone she is a terror threat and she should not be allowed back. It is insulting enough that we have to pay for her court case as I don’t want one penny being spent on Begum. Personally I would have left her in the camps and let her live in her mess…she wanted it…so she should embrace it. I wouldn’t care if she perished out there as my concern is for those innocent people who have suffered at the hands of evil …you know ISIS who she swore allegiance too.

The ruling should be thrown out citing national security as I don’t want another terrorist in our midst’s, as if you let in one you have to let them all in…..she hasn’t changed….she still supports the rapists, murderers, paedophiles, psychopaths and all the other ungodly mob that went to fight for the epitome of evil that is ISIS. We should have let the Kurds hand out true justice to them and then we would not have this mess. The Home Secretary needs to get a law passed through the commons quickly and over-write the decision as the Judges do not make the law and they must follow the decision of parliament….but don’t ask Jeremy Corbyn and the Corbynistas as we know they will be on the terrorist side.

In a statement the Government said “This is a very disappointing decision by the Court. We will now apply for permission to appeal this judgement, and to stay its effects pending any onward appeal. The Governments top priority remains maintaining our national security and keeping the public safe”.

The Judges in the Court of Appeal have acknowledged that letting this terrorist back in ‘raises national security concerns’...but they are more concerned with her getting a fair appeal. Shame on Liberty and the Judges as not one of those who have suffered at the hands of the people she supported were given consideration so why should she? We have not heard the full story of what she has done and don’t be surprised if it involves horrific stories…. as they terrorised thinking they could do so without consequences.

Daniel Furner of Birnberg Peirce Solicitors representing Begum stated that this is a reminder that fairness is one of the cornerstones of the British legal system…..well for me…that needs to change because if you dance with the devil then you should be prepared pay the price and she should be kept out. Her legal rights should never have come into any consideration.

I am getting fed up of those who work against the British people, and to put the rights of someone like Begum before my rights of being secure within my homeland is ridiculous, and this is another reason why Boris needs to shake up the law courts as they have long stopped being a positive for this country and whilst their decision might not effect them, it affects us because how many times have we read that another ISIS supporter who had supposedly been de-radicalised has killed people. One is one too many and this is why Begum must never be allowed back. She is a security risk and it is a bit rich when Mohammed Shafiq CEO of the Ramadhan Foundation states that allowing her to return to the UK is the right decision and we should welcome it.

Well here’s a clue old boy….WE DON’T…NEVER WILL. If you ask the majority of people in the UK they are fed up of people like Begum being allowed to walk round the streets where decent, law abiding people live. To add insult to injury the bleeding hearts brigade will be FOAMING at the mouth to offer her everything….whereas I would hand her over to the Kurds and let them deal with her….its only fair and she would have been happy for the Kurds to be murdered as the Yazidis were, or even better put her in a room full of Yazidi women who have suffered the most horrible of things at the hands of ISIS, and who have witnessed their families being murdered and let her see if she can persuade them that what she did was right!

Mr Shafiq gets even worse when he says this is a great victory for all of those that believe in a equal society….well Begum didn’t. She believed in a society that ruled like a medieval terror group. Murdering, maiming, raping, torturing and terrorism at every step…so to tell people that we should believe in a equal society is a bit rich, when you see who he is discussing. He should look at the person he is defending and realise that Begum is everything we in Britain despise, and I don’t want to pay a brass farthing for her or her murdering husband as it won’t belong before we have Liberty and Mr Shafiq working on his behalf….and I can see the comments….”Oh he has been a little bit naughty…but has changed now”… they plead for him to be reunited with Begum.

People like Begum don’t change. She is a walking, talking, breathing terrorist supporter and did nothing whilst women, men and children were tortured, murdered and terrorised…in fact the counselling needed by the poor victims of her and her ISIS chums could last a lifetime, and the money that has been stupidly spent on Begum would have been better used for the victims….so if she has to live in a tent ….so what ….she is alive unlike a lot of the victims of ISIS.

All those involved with putting Begum’s rights above anything else should be totally ashamed of themselves as where were they when her and her pals were terrorising the Middle East? Her QC Tom Hickman stated that removing her citizenship could result in a real risk of removal to Bangladesh or Iraq…..well what is wrong with that? What is good for the goose is good for the gander and she brought this on herself….ISIS and its followers did not give those who suffered at their hands any hope and this is what we must do with Begum.

As a British citizen and a tax payer I want the PM, the Home Secretary and the British Government to find a way to make sure that Begum and her other terror supporting chums never, ever step foot here….or if she does…is locked up and the key thrown away… is a real pity we do not have Gitmo like the Americans as that would be a way to guarantee safety…..and Begum would never see the light of day again.


Start billing the French

It is ridiculous that we pay the French millions to keep out economic migrants, who have passed safely through the Schengen zone…to then be escorted in to our waters by French ships.

We are not Schengen and they should be returned immediately…for everyone that ends up here….bill the French for their incompetence, and force returns.

Defund the BBC

Let them start advertising and earning rather than a compulsory tax. I would think very few people actually watch it. Why should the likes of Lineker earn millions whilst people struggle to pay, and in some cases end up with a criminal record. It’s obscene.

Withdrawing the Whip is right….trying to put Grayling in was wrong.

The PM is right to lay the law down as MPs need to know they cannot run amok as they did in the last failed parliament. However, the PM was wrong to try and insert Chris Grayling. Don’t get me wrong he seems a nice chap but he is not called failing Grayling for nothing.

Sir Edward Leigh is sadly wrong …

People must be made to wear the masks….it does not smack of authoritarianism, but rather sound common sense. Otherwise this awful pandemic will just go from strength to strength.

It is not only yourself you protect but those around you….and surely your loved ones are worth that much!