I actually find myself agreeing with Keir Starmer today when he has told the Government that they must prepare for the 2nd wave of Covid 19.

I continually read through science papers that are available online and almost all seem to agree that there will be a 2nd wave, and it is going to be difficult to distinguish between Flu and the virus. Both are not good for people who have illnesses already, and they must be advised now especially as it really can be confusing. My mother for instance knows she must stay in a bubble, but what else can she do and what will happen to those who live in a retirement village? She is independent and does not need help but the shocking way they were left by the staff was just disgusting. They got a one minute phone call a week and my family ended up getting supplies not only for mum, but also for her neighbour who had no family and she is over 70 so what is she to do?. There needs to be a set of rules in place and one which gives the staff and clients a clear way forward.

A 2nd wave is a frightening prospect for those of who have relatives who could suffer badly. My husband has a lung condition that has left him with only about 50% use, and he has to have life saving medicines to slow it down…but if he got it then it is all over and that is frightening prospect.

The scientist have claimed that there could be some 120,000 deaths this winter due to Covid 19, and that is awful but then you think of those brave people who work in the NHS and wonder how the hell with they cope if caught unaware. Therefore there must be an increase from the Government for the NHS budget and for buying PPE as the Covid 19 will thrive in winter longer than summer. There must be a loan made available for private care home to purchase PPE and whilst this must be payable back (as we know that care homes charge an enormous fee), it might be difficult for them to get their hands on the amount needed in the first place.

The nightingale hospitals must be up and running, and all support offered to the key workers whether NHS or working in Asda….all are in important, and it is not celebs, footballers or politicians that carry us through the most dreadful of times but those ordinary men and women we see in the streets.

I think I have scrubbed 2020 and am looking forward first to December 31st when we are officially gone from the EU, and then to hopefully look forward to a 2021 that will be a lot better than 2020, and because of that we are now shutting the hatches on doing anything else other than seeing family……and going out for supplies with the appropriate facemask, gloves and gel. If everyone else did this then we would at least be trying to slow it down….sadly it looks like places like Leicester and Blackburn are going through theirs now…..

So in effect Keir Starmer is right and we must start preparing now and it will be a lost opportunity for the Government to use this time to get prepared, otherwise they will be caught on the hop and people will suffer and that is not acceptable. It must seem like the plagues of the bible are coming out one after the other. A very dangerous world we live in.