It must be really upsetting for those people who have already booked and are now forced to pay for the holidays…..I should imagine it can be quite worrying especially with the Covid 19, and the information that seems to be all over the place about what to do.

The case of cruises is the latest one where the Government are now saying that people should avoid ALL cruises….when originally advising the over 70s to not go. Well that’s no good when some people have booked them and now have to pay, or have paid for them and know it is going to be akin to an argument with the devil trying to get money back.

I think the Government should inform those who have booked holidays through travel agents that they should be able to get 100% of their payments back, as some will be paying and not be able to go and some will just have decided because of what has happened to not chance it. After all they could have underlying health problems and now have to be extra careful. To leave it upto the agencies themselves is not good enough, and there has to be a clear set of rules from the Government when it comes to situations like this.

I know that this pandemic is something we have not seen before, but we all know with the majority the Government has that they can force through laws and bills, and this is one that I think all sides of the house will back. After all why should a person lose out on their holiday or their money because of something that they could not have even known of nor prevented?

My darling niece is having the worst of times to even try and get any advice for her holiday and the travel agents changed the critera… far she is spending hours on the phone and emails have reached the depth of war and peace….I think has put such a dampener on her holidays.

As for myself I and Mr Points of Sue will be visiting our little piece of heaven on earth and that is the Lake District. We absolutely adore it up there and when it is safe, and when we feel that the time is right we will be booking our time again.

We both decided that because of the chance that Covid 19 could raise again and that we will have to learn to live with it, that for us the only place to go on holiday is Great Britain.

It puts money back into the towns that rely on tourists, and helps keep the job sector going as an awful lot of young people work in this sort of area and they are the ones we need to help in this economy.

I look at the young and feel so sorry for them having to cope with this at a young age. The joy of being retired means that our financial life is sorted, but they must feel as though the hobs of hell has opened up and the only thing we are missing now is the frogs and locusts.

So here I am asking people to think twice before booking that holiday abroad as there are some fabulous places in the UK to visit and stay, and I have stayed in Scotland, Wales and Ireland as well as England and have always been welcomed, and the places I have stayed at have been wonderful and the rooms gorgeous, the food excellent and the towns so interesting. I am afraid I am not a beach person as I am the whitey from Blighty and end up burnt, but have really not wanted to go anywhere else.

I am flying the flag for Great Britain Plc and think about it …if something happens and you have gone through the likes of you can cancel, and have no issue with refunds etc….and surely that has to be the start of a great holiday, and you will be boosting the economy and that has to be a great thing all-round.

Herne Bay, Kent

Our beautiful countryside