The BBC is slowly broadcasting its own death knell with the really bad decisions it has been making. For instance the racist, sexist, ageist Karen video aimed at white middle aged women, the decision to pay their stars far more than they are worth, the sacking of only white people (which is totally racist as surely it should be last one in…first one out and that includes the new CEO) and now this…..taxing the over 75s to watch the BBC when it has up until now been free.

It is nothing but pure greed on behalf of the BBC….I mean they have a driver for one of their presenters for BBC breakfast….whats up can he not drive himself from Leeds? Not as if its a million miles away or he is too precious to do something normal like drive? Then we have the ridiculous over paid stars that seem to delight in telling us how things must be….and we have to pay for their virtual signalling.

Tim Davie who is the current Director General of the BBC and also the Chairman of Comic Relief, Trustee of the Tate and the Royal Television Society, and in 2018 was appointed as Chairman of the Creative Industries Council. He currently earns £525,000 for his role in the BBC…more than 3 times that of the PM and that is the equivalent of 3,333 pensions having to pay their licence fees. It is scandalous. The top 11 Directors of the BBC earned nearly £4million between them in 2018/2019 and that is almost 25,400 people having to pay their licence just to keep them in luxury, never mind the chauffeur driven car and expenses account.

The days of the BBC being worth its weight in gold has long gone. I can remember my dad saying how the BBC was a shining light during WW2, and it was very pro British and very proud at being at the forefront of the broadcasts by Churchill….but now….it is a disgrace and lets face it, it hates everything that is British.

When you think that the likes of Gary Lineker was paid £1.75 million pounds last year for presenting a sports programme really is ridiculous, and then we have to listen to his pontificating against the very people who actually pay his wages. By the way his bill would have to be met by over 11,000 people and again the BBC thinks that taxing the elderly to pay for overhyped so called stars, and repeat after repeat….shows how out of touch they are.

The BBC are not even hiding their bias now and their dislike of a conservative government and to now tax those who are most likely house bound and who rely on the TV really is a new low for the BBC.

We are often told that many of the elderly feel lonely and that the TV is their only companion and now they would have to find such a large amount of money from their pension just to be able to watch the TV. What we don’t know is how many of them actually watch the BBC….a lot of them like my mother have not watched the BBC in a long time as she says herself it is full of repeats, yet to watch ITV and the other channels she has to pay what is a tax and one that she cannot get out of. Now I am prepared to pay for her BBC tax but there are many who can’t and can you imagine the upset of someone over 75 being given a conviction for not paying a bill then has been thrust upon them.

We should be able to chose if we want to pay it as not many of the elderly generation can stream so that is out of the question, and we put in sky for mum so that she can have different things to watch and it was a god send over the Covid 19 lockdown, but can you imagine the number of repeats that the BBC have done. They have a pay per view app now but that is made up of programmes that we have been made to pay for and this should not be allowed, or they go the whole hog and become self funding.

The BBC are worrying about the growing call to defund the BBC and I for one have signed the petition to do so and the Secretary of State for Media has reportedly criticised the BBC for taxing those who really should be given it for free, and I am hoping this is the beginning of the end of the BBC as they really are no longer fit for purpose.