I was going to stay away from the dreadful mess surrounding Prince Andrew but sadly it is everywhere, and it is making my blood boil that those poor girls who were molested and raped are still trying to get justice.

Andrew does not need the advice of the men in the grey suits, he should realise that this is not going to go away and he needs to think about the poor victims of Epstein and be willing to help. After all if you have done nothing wrong what on earth is there to worry about?

He is trashing the legacy of his mother. Her Majesty has been exemplary as our Queen and she has kept her word and has served us her whole life whether long or short, and thankfully it has been long….but what will the end reign of Elizabeth II be remembered for?

She has the most dysfunctional family and you could not look at them and say that they are what you expect in a Royal Family, and you would think with every luxury on tap that they would be the most perfect of people but nope.

We have the pathetic spectacle of Harry and his wife trashing our Commonwealth and being absolutely rude to the legacy of his Grandmother, but Andrew…..he is behaving badly and its bordering on immoral, and behaving as though he has something to hide by dodging the issues.

There is the Lolita express that so many of the rich and powerful have been on, and we know that Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and George Clooney and others have been on there and they too must explain what they were doing…but Andrew is only living his gilded life because we allow it and have to pay for it, and the legacy of the Windsor’s is being trashed and it will be a long time before it recovers…and that will only be under the Kingship of William and his wife at this rate.

Andrew can choose to ignore the request of the Attorney General and it shows he is panicking because he has cancelled his golfing match in Spain (no doubt worried he would be arrested by the FBI)…..but if he has done nothing wrong…why the panic?

This simply cannot go on and the Royal Family must show the British public that no member of the privileged family is above the law. His car crash interview showed that he is hiding something….he has a medical condition and cannot sweat….dear god did he really think he could actually get away with that! The Queen I am afraid cannot protect her son.

Did he not realise that the public would find it disgusting that he went to stay in a house with a convicted paedophile….what planet is he on? The thought of any paedophile makes my skin crawl and he went and stayed for days on end. I cannot begin to imagine that someone is quite willing to over look the sex crimes of an individual just because he is loaded….it is greed just pure greed on Andrew’s side.

He knows exactly what went on and we would have more respect for him if he came out and said he would speak to the Attorney General, but nope he is hiding behind the family of Windsor…yet Ghislaine Maxwell it is reported has tapes of him….and she will use it to attack anyone and throw them under the bus if necessary…but then she is human after all.

Creatures such as her and Andrew really are birds of a feather and he should not have any diplomatic immunity. No one who is best buddies with a sex offender and knows it should have diplomatic immunity.

I am so saddened for those poor teenage girls as they were children and being trafficked for every pervert on the planet. They must of been scared out of their lives especially knowing that the people on that plane could do what they wanted without the threat of the law….but now that has changed and they must have the justice that is so needed.

Epstein and Maxwell are responsible for the trafficking and rapes of children…and whilst Epstein is dead…his pimp isn’t and she must tell all without having any hope of a deal. She is responsible for ruining so many lives and for that she must pay….and this is where we find Andrew.

He knew exactly what was going on as I should imagine that Epstein did not hide it…after all why should he? He thought he knew too many people in power to even have to answer for what he has done, and thankfully he has and now it is the turn of each of those individuals who have travelled on that plane to islands where children were molested to explain what they were doing there, and to a court of law if necessary as there must be no hiding place for any of them including a member of the Royal Family.

If the Queen does not order her son to present himself to the FBI for questioning then she will have ruined her reputation and that could be all that is remembered about her…her son and the vile people he befriends.

Justice should be seen for all whether rich or poor…whether a Prince or a pauper.