The LAPD are investigating some 300 blue officers who did not turn up for duty saying they have the “Blue Flu”……

They have had nothing but inflammatory accusations thrown at them for weeks now, and the politicians with their virtual signalling wokeness are doing nothing to protect the police in reality. They have even taken $150 million dollars away from the police budget.

The investigation comes less than a week after the Los Angeles City Council voted to cut the LAPD’s budget by $150 million. The move – which will affect overtime pay and reduce the number of employees to the lowest level in 12 years – has sparked widespread outrage among rank-and-file members of the department. 

The LAPD employ 10,000 police officers and 3000 administration staff and I should imagine just at this point they are feeling hacked off. Although, people like me and millions of others feel that the police do an excellent job both here and in the USA. It is a just a pity that a couple of bad apples have gotten all the headlines, and not the good that the police do. It seems that is not interesting enough for the bias media.

The LAPD has stated that it is illegal for officers to call in sick to that extent and leave the public safety at risk,….but isn’t this what the tyranny of the minority wanted? They cannot have it both ways. They cannot demand that the police are hauled over the coals for something 99.9% of them didn’t do…and bear the brunt of it and also turn up to protect those same individuals.

I would have thought that this would have been the goal of some of those involved in this marching… to see less of the police….it seems the police cannot do right for doing wrong. I hope that the police carry on doing this as the community need to see that a society without law and order is unstable and more akin to the wild west as we read again and again that murders are up, home invasions are up, muggings and everything else because of the virtual signalling too easily done by those politicians and councillors who really should know better.

You cannot disrespect the police the way they have been and then expect them to keep the moral enough to actually go into work. It is unfair on them and unfair on their families to expect this to continue. After all some of them go to work and don’t even know if their wife or husband is going to come home……it is unfair.

Civil rights activist Najee Ali says officer absence has not gone unnoticed in poorer LA communities. It highlights the lack of character and integrity of those who are supposed to serve the community. They are the ones jeopardizing public safety.

Well I am afraid it is make your mind up time….you are either for the police and to be funded in full and then you will see the police in the poorer parts of the LA Communities, or keep shouting for them to be defunded and not see them at all. After all, why should they risk their lives for people who are not grateful at the daily risk these good men and women put themselves through.

It is time for society to take back control and give the police what they need and that is more money and our support.