Thank the lord that sensibility has taken over and the Government has nominated Dr Liam Fox to run the WTO. He has excellent credentials and would firmly be my choice, especially when you think the other candidate was Mandelson.

Did Mandelson ever think seriously he would be in the mix for his name to be put forward? This is the man who had to leave a labour government twice because of forgetting to put down that he had received money for a loan on his house, or had neglected to say about monies and passports for wealthy Indians………I mean having to stand down from a cabinet run by Tony Blair and his lies……just wow….but then everything with the Blair government was smoke and mirrors.

Mind you that did not stop Blair putting Mandelson forward to the EU Commission where he and Kinnock…..both had a very wealthy living. Must be great being a socialist and accepting a peerage, even though Kinnock had argued against it and also having access to the most lavish of expense accounts in the EU…..on entering the EU the new people are met with the sentence “welcome you are a member of the elite of Europe now”… that is very socialist.

The EU has not had their accounts signed off for years now….Kinnock was responsible for making sure the accounts were signed off but nope…he actually went after the whistle blower who informed the media that there was mass fraud from the EU… I say Socialism is only good for those who have a multi million pound pension paid for by the taxpayers….the rest of us have to just work, work and work and save our own pension pot and not one of us will get the same pension they get for doing a couple of years in the EU funded la la land.

Anyway I digress…..The Prime Minister in recommending Dr Fox stated

“Dr Fox is a passionate advocate of multilateralism, who brings detailed knowledge of the global trading system from his years as a UK Cabinet Minister and Secretary of State for International Trade.

“He has first-hand experience of the political and technical challenges of negotiating trade agreements, and the reforms that are needed to ensure the global trading system truly delivers for all WTO members.”

He has also worked solidly on selling UK Plc to the rest of the world now we have our Brexit and I could not think of a safer pair of hands to put the WTO in. It would of been a disaster with Mandelson as his only concern is the Mandelson ego and further pension pot. I must admit these gold plated pensions that politicians seem to receive should really be looked at as they get such generous terms for often acting against the interest of the people.

Whilst the job is mainly a ceremonial role and does not carry a lot of power, it still is a necessity and Dr Fox himself said he was “honoured to have been nominated by the prime minister” and said his priorities would be “Update. Strengthen and Reform.”

“We must ensure that global trade works for everyone,” he added, stating that “Trade is a way in which we spread prosperity more widely. That prosperity underpins social cohesion, that social cohesion in turns underpins political stability and that political stability is the building block of our collective security.”

Sadly as much as it is a great nomination from the PM, I highly doubt that Dr Fox will get the role as it is too political given the current situation and the EU dragging its feet by refusing to respect this country as a sovereign nation. However, by being put forward he has his name out there and hopefully something can be found for him back in the service of the Government as he has always had faith in the UK……

My own personal choice would be Jacob Rees Mogg as he for epitomises my idea of both a politician and a gentleman. He knows parliamentary law inside and out and is undoubtedly a safe pair of hands….but my nomination would not be considered and I am sure that whoever is chosen is hopefully the best of the job, and not another one jumping on the gilded cage of taxpayers bank account.