I am fed up at the virtual race baiting from the Bias Broadcasting Corporation and I have to pay for this rubbish.

To yet again discriminate against white people is racist and it is also sexist as it is aimed at women too, and ageist as it is aimed at a certain age of women. So much for their “wokeness”.

The BBC is pandering to the minority and signing its own death knell as I for one will be contacting my MP to ask the Secretary of State when he is going to defund the BBC, as they are not fit for purpose, and the demands are growing. Let them earn their money with the rubbish they make, I give it 3 months from defunding to shut down……

I will say it again I do not have white privilege, I do not need some virtual signalling bafoon telling me otherwise. I support the police and will only kneel to my monarch or when remembering those servicemen and women who lost their lives defending this country….. regardless of their colour, ethnicity or religion.