I have sadly taken the decision to block some users. It is unlike me as I do enjoy a good discussion on all levels, but you cannot have any discussion with people when they are on the crazy level of seeing racism in every comment.

It rather stifles the freedom of speech especially when I discuss a person or country, and within minutes the usual comments of racist, xenophobe, prejudice comes in and those are the polite ones.

As I repeatedly tell those commenting that their need to fit everything in their virtual signalling offended boxes does not bother me one jot. As a plus middle aged woman I don’t care what someone who is virtual signalling thinks of me, as I am never rude, defend religion when necessary, and certainly defend the underdogs in this world and I never bring up their colour….yet they do all the time.

It seems the only racists are the ones chucking the words about so easily….you only have to read my posts that I care deeply for people from all areas, but will call out those who are in public politics and public life….because regardless of who and what they are.

I am getting terribly bored of the name calling and that was why I took the decision to block some as they were comments that would never be allowed on my site as they are offensive, and my readers don’t need to read their narrow minded bigotry, and because of running so many sites it takes me away from the valuable time of answering comments who have a point worth discussing.

Maybe if instead of being permanently offended they use the manners their parents installed in them to comment, then maybe people will listen and there would not be the mess we find ourselves in, but until then I have no interest in what they have to say.