My darling niece has been pulling her out hair out trying to find out what is going on with her holiday to Turkey.  She had booked for a 2 week all inclusive only to be informed that the all inclusive is out via email, but no offer of refunding that part of the money or giving her the chance to cancel it.

She spent the best part of 12 hours on the phone and then got an automated system and it was totally, totally frustrating and upsetting as she has spent over thousands on it and it is a case of either go and then try to get the money back on her return, or don’t go but she still has to pay.   Todate she has not been able to speak to a single person….guess they are not in a hurry to talk to anyone about a refund.

It is a case of if she does not pay the full amount that it will be logged on her credit score as it is treated the same as a default and that surely cannot be allowed to happen.  When is the government going to take a grip of the holiday industry and force them to either refund in full or allow the buyer to go at a later date?  All I have heard is people being threatened with losing all the money they have paid into the holiday scheme as quite a lot of people chose to spread it over the year, and the loss could run into thousands.  There has been one or two threatened with a debt collector if the payment does not reach them as it is in breach of a contract.

The travel agency companies are not helping themselves in this current climate as no one will want to use them again if they insist on this intimidation.  I would like to hear from others who are going through the same thing as I plan to get in touch with the government if there are others, or even if it is only for the sake of my niece as there is no comfort or leeway being offered in the face of a pandemic.

It is not as if people booked their holidays and decided just not to go, there are people who are genuinely scared of going or who have booked for a particular part of it and now are being told that is not available but the demands for money are still coming thick and fast.

I have offered to help her get the right answer and will battle with anyone to get what is rightly hers and that is the refund for the full inclusive part of the holiday.  She has not said she is not going and does not want to change the dates, but she is not going to pay for something she is not going to receive.  The cost is not something she will work away from.

Please if anyone is having the same problem then let me know and I will lobby on your behalf as I have heard from a couple of dis-satisfied customers and I dislike companies who profit from misery and it should not be allowed to happen.