God give me strength…..Lisa Nandy MP has stated that she would like to see more politicians on the plinth next to Winston Church.    She has stated none other than Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.  I actually spilt my tea laughing at that…and thought she is actually serious…..crazy, crazy, crazy.

What would the statue of Gordon Brown be?   Well he did say no to joining the Euro when Blair wanted us to, and that in a nutshell scuppered Blair from the Presidency of the EU as even then he was willing to sell us out for the title of Mr President.  Now Brown didn’t do it for the greater good of this country, but rather he did not want to see Tony Blair parading down Downing Street and being referred to as Mr President…so hurrah to Gordon Brown but then it went downhill after that and that famous note when the Conservatives won…..there is no money left….it’s all gone. 

Then the worst of all email circulated by the government regarding the thousands of abused girls in Rotherham.   “Nazir Afzal for North West Public Prosecutor explained to radio 4 that in 2008 the then Home Office under the Brown Premiership had wrote to all the Police Forces in the form of an email circular informing them not to investigate the sexual exploitation of young girls in towns and cities across the UK. The email stated that as far as they were concerned the young girls who were being exploited had made an informed choice about their sexual behaviour and it is not for the police to get involved”…..

Now for me that is totally unacceptable and there is still a case to answer but in true political style he never will.

As for Tony Blair….let me see, well he let just about everybody in to please the EU (don’t forget he was pushing for the Presidency), and this has resulted in the ever increasing wait to get a see a Doctor (not much chance).  Those waiting on a housing list getting longer and longer, the benefits bill going through the roof, the schools being overloaded and the hospital waiting lists.  Lord Mandelson actually admitted that they went trawling Europe to get people to come in as that would guarantee a Labour vote….so cheers Dark Lord for cocking up our country….by the way this is the same man who now wants to run the WTO despite resigning twice over fraud claims.

Secondly and the most dangerous of all.  Blair lied to parliament over the 45-minute claim that Saddam Hussein could hit British bases in Cyprus with WMDs.  I can remember that Hans Blix whose job it was to find WMDs was virtually on his knees begging the West not to go to war as there were none and there were never any found, but by this time Blair with his god complex had promised his mate George W Bush a whole year before that Great Britain would send in the military with the Americans.  He admitted at a later date that the intelligence work that he based his claim on was actually from a taxi driver and had been “sexed up” by both him and Alistair Campbell.  On that claim alone Blair and his lapdog should have been jailed as it is a criminal offence to lie to parliament, and to actually create a war from it is answerable in a court of law.

He was responsible for the deaths of 198 serving soldiers who were sent in ill -prepared and without the correct kit, as well as the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and the destabilising of the Middle East.  This left the vacuum for ISIS and the slavery of the Middle East in Iraq and into Syria and the mass murders of innocent men, women and children for no other reason than either being a Yazidi or in the case of some people for being homosexual, or for having a ring tone of their phone, playing football etc…the list is endless.

When he finally gave up being PM he gifted the job to Gordon Brown and that was against conventions as the people did not vote for Brown, but Blair being Blair decided that it was his gift and then he went to work for any despot with a large bank account and he has worked for some of the most despicable people.  Tony Blair touted his firm’s services to a dictator for £5.3million a year in 2016.

He made the shameless sales pitch to Nursultan Nazarbayev, offering the Kazakh president his ‘unique personal experience and insights’.    Documents lay bare the former prime minister’s dealings with a regime behind appalling human rights abuses.

It is accused of routinely torturing citizens and massacring 15 defenceless protesters in 2011. The dossier reveals that:

  • A key aide offered Mr Blair’s ‘private strategic advice’ to Mr Nazarbayev only a year after he left No 10.
  • Six years on he was still touting for work in Kazakhstan, despite civil rights fears.
  • The pitch promised Mr Blair would be ‘particularly closely involved’ – for a bigger fee.
  • He rewrote a speech for Mr Nazarbayev to fend off criticism over the 2011 massacre.
  • His firm tried to involve an EU crony in lobbying for the Kazakh regime.  The extent of Mr Blair’s dealings with the former Soviet republic in central Asia raises further questions about his apparent willingness to work with unsavoury leaders.
  • In 2013, opposition figures in Kazakhstan warned that the civil rights situation had got worse since Mr Blair began advising the president.
  • Seemingly undeterred, the former prime minister’s firm Tony Blair Associates set out its sales pitch to extend its contract, including a range of deals and fees which started at £116,200 a month, plus VAT – it later rose to £1.84million a year.
  • The ‘Political Advice and Positioning Module’ – priced at £1.85million – guaranteed four visits from Mr Blair. It promised ‘unique insights and support via personal involvement of Tony Blair’.
  • It added: ‘Tony Blair’s personal involvement enables assistance and offers discussions, leader to leader, in a way that no other consultancy can offer leadership is a major part of getting things done.’
  • In addition to his professional fees, TBA’s pitch stressed that Kazakhstan would also need to provide flights, catering and first-class accommodation for Mr Blair and his entourage.
  • Alastair Campbell and Tim Allan, Blair’s former spin-doctors, have carried out extensive PR work for the despot, while Cherie Blair in 2014 signed a £1,000-per-hour deal to give his regime legal advice.

There are further issues with Blair especially the death of Dr David Kelly has not been answered properly, after all why is there a strict 70-year rule before the files can be opened.  What did Blair and Campbell now?  Why has Campbell not had to answer for not outing the Doctor as his life could have been put at risk?  Why has so many of his friends refused to believe that he would have killed himself?  There is some degree of hiding from both Blair and Campbell.

Also, the matter of the Brexit vote and where he and Campbell were both trying to thwart the will of the people.  This is a man who had spent too much time with despots who ignore the rights of their people, and it seems to have rubbed off on him…..thankfully the Brexit Election of December 2019 put him and Campbell back in their boxes.  Even in 2020 Blair was still touting his wares round the Middle East and his current role is with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, and we know that these countries have no human rights, no rights for women and no rights for the GLBTQ+  and Blair doesn’t care as with every despot he gets involved with, his bank account grows with the blood of others being spilt.

Is that the sort of person you want to see on the Plinth?  It is not for me….as war criminals like Blair should never be honoured and that will be one statue torn down before the paint has dried.  If Ms Nandy wants to have a serious chat about decent people being put up there then please contact the people of this country…..otherwise I seriously worry about the Labour MPs as they all seem to be in a world that is not of this planet.