Rishi Sunak, The Chancellor of the Exchequer has pleaded with British people to start eating out again and to spend money both eating out and in the pub. He believes firmly that without this we could lose a generation of people, as some will not want to go out and the longer they leave it the worse it will get, and also the fact that we need the service industry up and running.

A lot of young people and married women work in the service industry as it enables them to earn money and money of them need it to supplement the family income or in the case of students, a must needed income whilst at university.

I have to admit thought that during this pandemic that a lot of restaurants have diversified and were offering take out meals and I have partaken myself, and the food was as delicious taking out as eating in….so I shouldn’t imagine they had lost too much but the publicans have.

I am not a regular user of the pub as both me and Mr Points of Sue don’t drink, but it was always nice to pop in for a couple of diet cokes and the pubs shutting down really brought it home, and if you are a person who likes to go and have a drink or two then enjoy….please remember social distancing and the fact that you don’t want to go too drunk as it has been 3 months.

The only problem with asking people to go back to the pub is that there will be the Saturday night over-crowding at the A&E. I hope that people are sensible and don’t get drunk to the point of oblivion as it has been quite a while and that they enjoy themselves, but please remember that the NHS are already over worked to the point of exhaustion and they don’t want some fool tipping up with god knows what just because they could not contain themselves with drink.

I think my using the service industry again is when the cafes open as I do like a nice cup of tea and something to eat when out shopping, as it always breaks up the time and I cannot wait to do that but I can’t see Mr Points of Sue wanting to do that….so hopefully they will do take out as well.

The PM stated that the economic health of the country depends on the service industry, but it depends on those using it sensibly and it would such a shame to have to go back in lockdown because people cannot behave themselves.

For those of you who are going out to enjoy their pints…have a good one but please be sensible and go home on your own legs and sober…don’t force the governments hand again and please think of the NHS as they have been through enough already.