I did find it funny that Monsieur Barnier is huffing and puffing because we will not let the EU dictate the terms of our leaving.  The main thing is telling him time and time again that we are an independent nation and will not agree to any laws by a foreign country or government.

The latest great sulk is telling us that if we do not agree to the invasion of fishing boats from other countries that will no longer have fish and chips available!  WHAT??????

He states that the majority of our cod come from the EU….yes we know because the French were allowed to steal up to 91% of our cod stocks in the form of an EU quota…this left barely anything for our fishermen, hence why we had to import from the EU but now we don’t have too…..hurrah.

Now….well Monsieur Barnier needs to realise that we can now fish for 100% of the cod and make it more abundant and cheaper for the fish and chips in our favourite choice of take away.  I am sure that we will play fair and give those member states who want our fish a yearly quota and for that they must pay for the licence, but that is only after our own fishermen have been the lions share as they are out waters….that must not be forgotten.

The thing is that if Barnier had played nice then there could have been a common fisheries deal put forward with the help of the Fishing Union, but no he was demanding that the status quo remains and that was never going to happen.  Did he really think that we would continue watching the decline of our fishing fleet just to make sure the French had one?  The man is definitely a sandwich short of a picnic.

The EU must tow the line and realise that we will not give in on any redlines.  We were already considered the gold star of workers rights, the environment etc.  We are signed up to the ECHR and not even the ECJ is signed up to it as the judges and politicians did not want a higher authority than theirs to make judgements and we will align ourselves with a sinking ship.

When the huffing and puffing Frenchman finally starts to treat us with the respect due as a sovereign nation then maybe there is still time to come to an agreement….me I think Boris should just tell them “it’s a no from me” and then walk.  After all, there is an entire world out there and not 27 countries and I for one am so looking forward to everything that being an independent nation brings.