This is an excellent idea put forward by the NHS.  It will allow thousands of young people to get on the path of working for the NHS and learning the skills whilst as cadets, and it will also give them an insight into whether the NHS is the job for them as there were 100,000 vacancies at the time the pandemic struck. It is particularly seeking those young people from marginalised backgrounds, including teenagers from BAME and those not in education or employment.  

The new cadet scheme is being run in conjunction with St John’s Ambulance and having been the Adjutant of an RAF Cadet force I can only see it being a force for good as it teaches young people discipline, respect for others and a whole new outlook on life and between the ages of 14 and 18 and is being trialled in Colchester, Hull and London with Liverpool, Bradford, Hertfordshire and the Wirral in the coming months. 

The NHS needs to advertise this everywhere as it really is a great idea.