You have to hand it to Vladimir Putin when he gets it in his mind to stay in power then nothing stops him, not even democracy.

5 hours before the poll was due to close Putin was declared the winner of the vote that will enable him to stay in power till 2036.  It seems that the Despot Dictator had already decided he would win it even if the people said no….however, I doubt the majority would even say anything….its not worth their liberty to deny him what he wants.

I don’t know why he has even gone through the pretence of having a vote, he should have just done what every dictator does and declare himself the winner with 99.9% of the population doing as he tells them… we know that this farce really is just a way for him to stay in control.  I do not know why he does not declare himself Czar and have done with it….after all he has taken control of the wealth like Czars of old and is now one of the richest despots in the world.  Being a dictator must be great especially as you don’t’ have to care one jot what anybody else thinks.

Putin always reminds me of the Bond Villain Blofeld….but you have to hand it to him for bribing the people to vote for him.  He offered cars and apartments to lure voters out, and in some areas there have been more voters than people living there but that is the joy of being the Despot Dictator….you just ignore it and confidently put your cross in the box next to your name knowing you are the winner anyway… and it has in effect started him back to zero as in the number of years he has been President.

He has been given further powers to dissolve the parliament and have a bigger say over the courts and prosecutors….this is the 1st lesson in the highly sought-after book…”How to be a Despot in 10 easy steps”.

The new move has outlawed giving away territory and has now given him the power to take back all land that he feels belongs to Russia.  This will include the Crimea…although 50% of the people there voted to stay with Russia….but as far as Putin is concerned that is all he needs and thanks very much the Crimea is mine.

To boost turnout the polling boxes were taken by election officials into the hospitals to ensure that people voted for Putin, and I think there name would have been put against his tick whether they voted or not….after all he is a Despot and who needs the permission of the people to use their democratic vote.   Nothing speaks louder than saying the vote is rigged when you officially have the voting booth in the boot of a car.

It is called the reboot button to ensure that Putin gets in again.  He has taken to comparing himself to President Roosevelt…you’ve got to love the way dictators place themselves on these very high pedestals, and Putin would have been in power longer than any communist dictator before him, but he is only using the reboot button for himself…anyone else it is two terms.  However, he forgets that behind every dictator that is a younger despot waiting to get control of the reins and he might not know yet but there is one in waiting as we speak.

I feel sorry for the people of Russia.  It is a beautiful country and they have such bravery after all you only have to look at Stalingrad, Kursk, and the battles to rid the world of Nazism.  Russians seem to be able to tolerate the worst that man has to offer, and still thrive but can it really move on when you have a dictator in power?  After all he refuses to recognise a whole host of ideologies and comes down hard on the people. 

If you do not give them even the basic right to love a person back because of their sexuality, then you have already restricted human rights but then I guess Putin doesn’t care as that is what happens with a dictator…only his life, needs and wants matter… don’t.

Russia has so much to offer and is so restricted and will continue to be so under the dictator in the Kremlin.